First ever Apple Watch, consider me excited! Any tips or tricks anyone has to share?

2022.01.21 03:11 Azron21 First ever Apple Watch, consider me excited! Any tips or tricks anyone has to share?

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2022.01.21 03:11 jadead06 Who dis guy

Who dis guy
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2022.01.21 03:11 weLLillBDAMneddD What do you think?? 😩😩😋😋😋💗💗💗❤️🥰🤌🏽😍

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2022.01.21 03:11 magooisim So when does the Deep Fake of Iron Man 1 with Don Cheadle come out?

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2022.01.21 03:11 2Jabba2Donut2 Non-trans actors should be able to play trans characters. Non-gay actors should be able to play gay actors. White actors should be able to play characters written as non-white.

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2022.01.21 03:11 Mysterious_Slip3379 Free NFT giveaway! 🔥 Just upvote and drop address 👇

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2022.01.21 03:11 bucket--bot I made in the devil will any other rappers suck,

britain if it is that lyric as possible, yet
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2022.01.21 03:11 BigRedIsMyName 2022 tundra 6.5 ft tonneau covers

Does anyone know if any roll up soft covers are out yet for the 6.5 ft beds? Just picked my sr5 trd off-road in blueprint tonight.
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2022.01.21 03:11 LineNoise WA's closed borders unlikely to halt spread of Omicron, epidemiologist says

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2022.01.21 03:11 MassDND Sea of Thieves and Naval Combat

I’m surprised not to see discussion of this game on this sub. It’s on Xbox, PC, and possibly PS5.
It’s a beautiful open world game where you sail on a sloop, brig, or galleon from island to island and fight other ships (piloted by AI or other players) with cannons and by boarding the enemy ship, where you can fight with cutlass and pistol. You can also quest for treasure etc.
It’s far from a simulation, and the sailing and fighting are dumbed down, but it’s a ton of fun and very reminiscent of aspects of this series. The cartoony looking player characters kept me away for a while, but I’m glad I picked it up for $20 on sale.
Has anyone played this or the other game that purports to be an age of sail combat game? I think it’s simply called Naval Combat.
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2022.01.21 03:11 siddhaguruRM Idol worship in Vedas

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2022.01.21 03:11 awesomefriendlykid Do I tell me partner what I’ve been going through?

My partner is autistic like me, and we are a bit opposites in that I like attention and they are very hands off. But this relationship has felt very lonely and stressful.
I’m not sure if it’s because I am insecure, or if there’s a chance it’s because the way they are.
Because by any standard they are very unaffectionate, but despite this being unlike an ideal partner for myself, I’ve been viewing my desire for affection as something expandable and kind of bad, because again while it’s normal for people to want affection I feel mine comes from a place of insecurity.
Regardless, even when I do get over my insecurity with my therapist -with the goal of not needing affection to feel not lonely in our relationship- I can’t help but feel I’ll still be lonely.
And, maybe this is the insecurity talking, but can I ask her for more? I’m not sure if it’s my insecurity that needs the affection because with EVERY person I’ve dated before, man or woman, autistic or neurotypical, I’ve never felt the same need for affection that I do with her and I think it’s because she gives me so little.
Is it wrong to ask her to be more affectionate, or is that like asking her to do something she fundamentally can’t. Because, I am personally not affectionate myself although I crave it, and if she asked Me, i think I could be affectionate towards her pretty easily. But I don’t know how hard it is for her.
I care about her but I don’t want to feel like I’m licking at crumbs of affection forever as it’s incredibly lonely and makes it hard to interact with her.
I don’t know if these feelings are my fault, or both of ours, and even if it’s both of ours can I rightfully ask her to be more affectionate -
I can’t help but feel if she hasn’t been more affectionate already that means she doesn’t want to , but I think I can debunk that anxious thinking with this:
sometimes we don’t comfort people for how it makes us feel, most people only do stuff when asked so it’s reasonable she wouldn’t do this without me asking.
…I don’t think she can. She has difficulties with being emotional and empathetic but the problem is more with behavior- sometimes I feel like a stranger to her. But it’s lonely, and I want to get rid of that feeling and the anxiety/insecurity causing it, but I’m not sure how it’s going to go.
I’m not sure if there’s any other solutions right now. I’d feel bad leaving without trying more. What do you all think.
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2022.01.21 03:11 siilkysoft Autumn Violets is better every day

I cannot get enough of autumn violets!
I wish it were available as a perfume and renamed to something not seasonal, but otherwise the scent notes, scent, and coloring are perfect. The notes are Violet Petals, Wild Fig, Velvet Vines. I get excited to wear it and every time I do it's even better than I remembered.
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2022.01.21 03:11 Admirable-Rub-2349 Mia Khalifa erotic dance

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2022.01.21 03:11 byrdlovesbirds I’ve been getting this error when trying to access my W2. Anyone else having this issue?

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2022.01.21 03:11 doggo244 I'm trying to start a summoning class. Can someone explain summoning damage to me?

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2022.01.21 03:11 Responsible-T 2021 Playstation wrap-up

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2022.01.21 03:11 budgetcooking Anna Kendrick

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2022.01.21 03:11 A_gamer_Ring In My Shadow - Story Trailer | PS4

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2022.01.21 03:11 Henry_FGG My Fantasy Strike guide for newcomers

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2022.01.21 03:11 dreamitez Magpul PMAG 30 AR/M4 GEN M2 MOE - 30-round polymer magazine for AR15/M4 compatible weapons

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2022.01.21 03:11 Trizzy-G Thank you doordash

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2022.01.21 03:11 Aromatic-Smoke9776 睡個好覺竟能預防“癡呆”

日本藤素副作用 威而鋼副作用 犀利士效果 必利勁成份 必利勁副作用 威而鋼效果
威而鋼真有那么好用嗎 威而鋼會傷腎嗎
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2022.01.21 03:11 Caito117 I feel more creatively expressive in MCC than I do Infinite, disappointingly

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