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Quirk: Copy-barra

2021.12.01 20:50 ghostzone123 Quirk: Copy-barra

You can do everything a Capybara can do. You get a top speed of 35 kph, you can chomp at wood and you get the power of friendship.
In addition, you copy anything in your left hand into your right hand, but you must hold both items at once.
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2021.12.01 20:50 Leanker Official Launch - General Info

The game has officially launched! Check out the official release here.
If you'd like, feel free to join the discord community.
For those of you interested in this game, it's a fantasy gacha game with many fantasy heroes. Each hero has their unique faction, abilities, items and roles. The heroes synergize in teamfights, usually going by a 5v5 format fighting PvE and PvP battles. If you like strategic fantasy mobile gameplay, it might be for you.
The game is in early launch - I'd love any content on this sub, and am more than open to suggestions. Looking forward to hear from you!
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2021.12.01 20:50 Certain_Public_4673 New

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2021.12.01 20:50 trailer8k Care Bears Care Bears Countdown Classic Care Bears Theme Song AI Upscale 8K 60FPS 7680x4320

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2021.12.01 20:50 PG-99 Banco de notas dos aprovados? Ciência da Computação - ENEM

Boa noite. Existe algum arquivo com as notas dos aprovados na 1ª chamada? Estou concorrendo pra ciência da computação pelo ENEM. A última edição foi pra ingresso em 2020, mas as únicas informações que possuo são que existem 5 vagas, 9 pessoas foram aprovadas na 1ª chamada, a última pessoa classificada ingressou na 5ª chamada na posição 22 e com nota padronizada de 715. Sou de outro estado e precisaria de um tempo para a mudança antes do início das aulas, caso seja aprovado. Alguém que passou em Ciência da computação pelo ENEM consegue me dar um parâmetro com a posição e a nota padronizada? Obrigado.
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2021.12.01 20:50 Chris7105 Nothing Is loading and I don't know what to do

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2021.12.01 20:50 samthebam71 Its been a long day bruh 🤫 gotta wind down

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2021.12.01 20:50 IgetxPoontang Ferg x Rocky snippet from Yams day

Anyone know about that song that Ferg performed at this past yams day? Cut it up/focus? Was wondering if that is still planned on being released, first time I’ve gotten excited for new Ferg in a LONG ASS TIME
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2021.12.01 20:50 buchinyan-official Heyo

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2021.12.01 20:50 ieatair The Dark Side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural

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2021.12.01 20:50 AbusiveNoob LF Shiny max IV Ralts. FT Shiny Foreign Max IV Ditto with Destiny knot

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2021.12.01 20:50 King_Of_Queefs49 Inspiration for deathloop? What do you guys think? Spoiler for comic book Velvet #15

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2021.12.01 20:50 motolinda IPN acier pour Timbedra Mauritanie

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2021.12.01 20:50 Star-K Messed up in my interview today

I had an interview for a job today and while overall it went well I put my foot in my mouth and accidentally insulted the interviewer. I couldn't sleep at all last night so I drank some coffee before the interview and I never drink coffee. I was talking way too much and joked about an aspect of the application process not being appropriate for the job. It was more what I had been telling myself to ease my nerves about an aspect I am poor at that isn't even in the job, Writing. She seemed to take offense looking at it in hindsight. I am perfect for the job, it's not that complicated though but it is something I will enjoy so I really hope I get it. This was the second interview so I was feeling confident and now I am worried I screwed up.
Anyone else ever screwed up like this. I should not have had coffee but going on zero sleep I was afraid I would sound slow. Now I am worried I sounded crazy.
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2021.12.01 20:50 flyfish6000 Let me drive the boat

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2021.12.01 20:50 Kpets Four cases of Omicron confirmed in Norway

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2021.12.01 20:50 CrusaderAngel Zekrom on me need 5 0347 1464 4564

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2021.12.01 20:50 dboe-jay [ Hip Hop ] DBOE Jay - Kso talk

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2021.12.01 20:50 chainmailleoveralls Zekrom - Let's go! 1186 9382 1425 or 7135 6628 3862

1186 9382 1425 or 7135 6628 3862
be online
inviting 10+
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2021.12.01 20:50 devohnjackson I got her unfiltered she sexy 🥰🥰

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2021.12.01 20:50 MoShmoe57 PLEASE HELP: Feeling a little lost on enforced naps and leaving puppy alone

Our 12 week old puppy's crate is in our bedroom. He does great at night and happily enters it for treats. I think overall, crate training is going well at night. We feed him in there and give lots of special treats. I also have been using it to enforce naps. I thought it was good for him to nap alone, so that he gets used to being by himself, as I work from home and am always there. He was doing alright until recently. The past few days he screams for an hour, pants heavily, flips the crate map, and has started pulling the crate cover into the crate.
I'm trying to let him just self sooth and learn that crying isn't going to get a reaction, but it can only go on for so long. I end up going into the room, waiting for him to be quiet, and then letting him out. He relaxes quickly and is always a happy pup when I show up.
So how bad is this distress? I have another crate in the living room that he has been doing better with when put in for a nap because he can see me. BUT we need to be able to leave the house. I'm worried he'll just exhibit the same distressed behavior when if he is in the living room crate and we leave the house.
What am I doing wrong? I think he accepts the crate, but doesn't like being alone. I really don't want him to develop separation anxiety.
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2021.12.01 20:50 Delicious_Order330 Just bought a zpap92, came with a rail on the top dust cover. Anyone have issues with it holding zero?

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2021.12.01 20:50 JaniceTS Remember Sissies 9 Spanish (Recuerda Sissy - Español)

Remember Sissies 9 Spanish (Recuerda Sissy - Español)
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2021.12.01 20:50 buked_and_scorned [WTS] Nunatak Arc UL 25 (23.4oz) $385

Nunatak Arc UL 25* with overstuff
Original owner, purchased 1 year ago. Used on 3 trips for a total of 10 nights use, always with a base layer. Excellent condition. No stains or odors. Like new. Always stored in the storage bag. Only issue is the label on the foot box was sewn on a little wonky and is starting to fray off a little, but that’s how it was sent to me from Nunatak. I love the quilt, but I’m mostly a shoulder season hiker and I just need something a little warmer.
70” Length, 56” wide, 40” foot box. Ordered with over stuff. 900 FP untreated down, ETC, 1 pad strap, original storage bag. No stuff sack.
Moroccan blue 15D outer. Black 10D inner in torso section, black 20D in foot section
23.4 oz on my scale
Current price new is $440 + $20 shipping for a total of $460, plus 12-14 week lead time.
$385 net to me. I only except PayPal.
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2021.12.01 20:50 GarciaJones Just finished migrating off a hard drive. Logging in, it’s been like this for 20 minutes! What’s going on, or does this normally take this long? Spinning log in wheel.

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