Must have titles that are still exclusive to PS3?

2021.12.01 22:03 sfw64 Must have titles that are still exclusive to PS3?

In other words, classic ps3 games that were not ported or remastered to PS4.
The two that come to my mind are MGS4 and GTA4. What else?
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2021.12.01 22:03 Rideordieapeman Everdome in the future 💯

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2021.12.01 22:03 Human_Base2057 Monthly Bill

I am trying to see a number I texted and then deleted I texted the number for the November billing cycle and I cannot find it on the app or website only bills for October or older. Do I have to wait a certain amount of time before I can see the past months bill?
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2021.12.01 22:03 keefjarret Lost ID at Venue, please help

Does anybody know how to contact the Ace of Spades venue? Me and my gf saw a show there last night and she lost her ID some time after getting checked at the door. She noticed as we were leaving but we weren't able to get back in or get any help. We went back home to Reno and thought we'd just call them today but nobody is answering their phone, email, or social medias, despite the fact that they have another show tonight and are posting about it on FB and insta. If anyone can help us get in contact with ANYONE that works there, it'd be greatly appreciated. She needs her ID for a flight in a little over a week, not enough time to get a new one from the Nevada DMV, unfortunately.
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2021.12.01 22:03 snailowner19 Is it acceptable to give small gifts to professors as a thank-you?

Hi everyone! I've heard conflicting advice on this. I've really appreciated all my professors this semester, and was considering getting or making them small gifts (ie, a candle, a chocolate bar, etc, nothing over like $5, or maybe making them something handmade).
I would understand how giving professors large gifts, especially as an attempt at bribery, is unacceptable. Would that extend to all gifts? Has anyone else done this?
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2021.12.01 22:03 Half-Icy Has Willa become increasingly hateful?

Initially, I kinda liked her. I thought she was cute and that though it was her own choice, she was kinda trapped within the Conor arrangement. In the previous episodes, I even thought a proper relationship had / was developing. They seem to have made her more impatient this season, or more mercurial. Like, no Judge would convict her if she stabbed Conor to death but still, I dunno, to me, she just seems to be shown a lot more in S3 as the user that she is.
I dislike seeing her on-screen at all.
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2021.12.01 22:03 blanknonymous First 900 Elite Gear!!!

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2021.12.01 22:03 Kieran102489 Anyone need these reds? // the 69-92 new special?

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2021.12.01 22:03 Mistercrit_ LA Valiant confirms it will be continuing it's partnership with LGE Huya for 2022.
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2021.12.01 22:03 TacticalxCrouch Should I ask for closure from my Ex (25F) who left me (26M) for what seems to be no reason?

Lia and I have known each other for 7 years now. And ever since we knew each other there was this sort of attraction early on. So on paper we were, "just friends" but we both knew we were more than that. Years went by and she travelled to study abroad and when she came back, we finally hooked up a bunch of times and it was amazing. Sadly, I was moving away to live in another country and I've had horrible long distance experience in the past so we both agreed not to act on our feelings and call it off.
I travelled, we'd still text from time to time and have those occasional flirtatious texts, sometimes even sext. A few years later, she surprised me that her family is moving to my city to which I was ecstatic. She booked her tickets on June 2021, and I visited home on March 2021. Where we met, and hooked up again. We didn't talk about our feelings then as it felt a little awkward. So we just assumed that it was purely sexual. She travelled (to where I live) before me. And I followed in September 2021.
We hung out for a month here, and one day I took her to a festival. And I took care of her when she got herself too drunk. The next day, she messaged me opening up that she has feelings for me, and I told her the feelings are reciprocated. So we decided to get into a relationship (not serious yet) but to just see where it's going. And that was September 21st.
Here is where the relationship began. I think very relevant information would be here is that when I'm in a relationship with someone I like to spoil them... A lot. So I never let her pay when we go out, I buy her gifts which to her might seem expensive... But I'm well-off financially and it barely makes a dent to me. I was really close friends with her mother and brother who she's living with and they loved me and her mom kept emphasizing that I'm like a son to her.
I expressed to her that this is my way of showing love to her, and it can seem a little too much sometimes. (What I didn't tell her that it originally sparks from my fear of abandonment, thinking to myself the more I spoil her, the more attached to me she'd be so she'd never leave me.) But I never showed her that side of me.
I have a very busy career. And she knows that. I work close to 12 hours a day on average in a Silicone Valley tech company. But I still managed to find time for her every day. And to see her with every chance I got.
A month passed by and the relationship was going great. Her family went out of town for a month (Late October) so we had her house all to ourselves. The sex was great, however she's not very active in bed. (she'd lay back and let me do all the work basically) and in some instances I'd be sweating and panting from going hard with her and after we're done she'd say, the sex was amazing but I think you need to do more cardio. It bothered me but I know I ultimately should do more cardio for me, and not for her. But my time didn't allow it much.
One evening, in the end of October she asked me to go for a walk. I had just finished work and I just needed a break to collect myself as I knew I had a lot of work that night. I offered her to walk her home, but she said she doesn't want that. She told me (it's okay) but I knew that she might've not liked that. I took a shower and unwinded for a bit, where I messaged her asking where she was. She said she's still out walking. I told her to keep updating me every 15 minutes as it was getting late (past 10 PM) and we live in a busy city where a lot can go wrong at night, and she lives alone.
She disappeared for a while, and I didn't wanna sound too pushy with my concern about her. I messaged her at midnight asking if she's home, she said she just got home. So I told her I'm omw to her. (At that point I just missed her and wanted to see her, so I got my laptop and work with me and decided to work from her place). She told me not to come and she was tired. I insisted, since I was already in the uber on my way to her. She still refused.
I was too exhausted, and I was already under her building. So I got in, sat in the lobby, and worked from 1 am till 3 am. Hoping that she'd sleep. And I can slip in, and sleep on the couch with out waking her up. My phone was on low battery, so I sent her this message.
"Okay baby I don't want to freak you out but I just finished work in your lobby. I'll be sleeping on your couch and I hope that I don't wake you up going in. My phone is at 2% and I can't go back home. If you don't want me in the morning when you wake up then I'll leave. I'm really sorry I sensed you weren't feeling well and I was a bad boyfriend for letting you out alone. I love you so much"
I thought, if she was up she'd read it and reply. If not, then I'll sneak in her apartment and sleep on the couch, then the next morning she can see it before finding me there. So when I got inside, I woke her up. And as soon as I heard her call my name. I said it's me baby don't worry, go back to sleep I'll be on the couch. Now I know I overstepped here. I know I should have just went back home.
Next morning, she was really cold with me. And I just took off back home. The next day, I got her flowers and went over to her place. Apologized, and asked her if she wanted to talk. To which she was acting like a total bitch, and not even looking at me. And I wanted us to be mature and have a conversation about this, but she didn't want to. So I stormed off. I didn't text her that day. The next day she messaged asking, now what? I expressed my frustration, and I told her we should be more communicative instead of shutting one another off.
She texted me saying "wanna come over to talk and cuddle" so I went over. She wanted to cuddle, I asked her if she wanted to talk. She said not now. And we cuddled for the night and that was that. Things went back to normal for the next week or so. I got her an iphone 13 pro on our 1 month anniversary because she really really wanted one and was saving up for it.
Then on halloween, we hung out (she, another male friend of hers that I know, and me). We smoked, watched a movie, walked around the city, and called it a night. I felt she was off then, but I didn't assume the worst. She messaged me the next day saying she can't see me the next couple of days as she'd be busy with her exams. I told her it's okay as I had some catching up to do with work as well.
A couple of days passed, and then I was checking up on her and her studies. To which this message exchange happened:
Her: "Hey, I’ve spent the last couple of days thinking and I’ve made the decision to go back to just being friends I mean we’ve tried and it’s not working so it’s best to go back now before too much time has went by. Don’t be upset we were always better off as friends"
Me: "Okay"
Her: "And I will pay you back for the phone once I finish my tuition fees I promise"
Me: "Okay"
Her: "Take a few days to cool down and we’ll talk again"
Me: "Okay"
That was on November 2nd. I honestly didn't know what to respond. A week passed by then I messaged her asking if she would be home, so I can return a pyrex tray that she had given me with an apple pie before. I made a pumpkin pie (Halloween) and put it in the tray, and went to her building based on an appointment. I messaged her telling her I'm down. And to my surprise, I found her male friend who we hung out with on halloween at her building door waiting to be buzzed in.
I approached him and said hi, told him that I'm in a hurry and if he can give the tray over to her. I take off and I never heard from her again. Nothing. Not even "thanks for the pie". Or "I'm sorry it took me a while to buzz you in". And that was the last message from me to her... "I'm down"
Now when something like this happens it fucks with your self-esteem hard and you start asking yourself questions. Especially about why was that guy coming over to her, and was she going to sleep with him? I didn't message her back but it has been fucking with my head for a month.
A couple of weeks ago, her mother messaged me. Checking up on me, telling me she's back from her travels. And that she doesn't have much context about what happened between me and her daughter, but I'll always be like a son to her and that if I needed anything I shouldn't hesitate to ask.
A week ago, I receive a package that was weird to me. I open it and it was a rare book that my ex was collecting, I've forgotten that I placed an order for the book months ago. And now I have it with me. I don't know what to do with it. So I decided to write my ex a letter. To give closure, not to her. But to me. I'm not going to be waiting for her to give it to me. I'm giving it to myself I'm attaching the letter to the book. And I'm giving it to her mom later this week. I'm really anxious about it, since I'll be blocking her from all the contact points after I hand off the package. And I'll move on with my life. And that won't be easy. If anyone is interested in reading the letter, or if you think that I should include it here for context let me know.
So the advice I'm seeking is what did I do wrong? Should I ask her mom to let her daughter pay me back for the iphone? How should I do it? Should I block her mom too? I'm very skeptic about all of this and I need your help reddit.
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2021.12.01 22:03 enoch33rd Rockies and A's details in captions. PC in comments

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2021.12.01 22:03 ampha_toast An update on the donation train:

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2021.12.01 22:03 HawkStrikeX having issues as a buyer - want opinions

i dont usually buy on depop so i just wanted to get some opinions on this situation. but basically i bought something from a seller. i immediately sent them a message asking for an extra photo of what i bought. they never replied to my message and i could see that they were active because of updated listings. about a week passed and no replies to my message or anything about the package being shipped. so i sent a message asking for an update on shipping. i got no reply after 24 hours. so i filed a report through depop. i immediately got a reply back. she apologized saying that things had been hectic for her business that week (granted it was thanksgiving week, but i did buy my item before the week started). she then sent me a tracking number. the main issue here that im iffy on. is that the tracking number did not indicate that it had been scanned in yet after 24 hours, so i sent a message checking in and asking for an update. no reply and it had been 48 hours with the tracking number not updating. so i opened a case on paypal which she ignored. i sent her one more message tonight asking for an update before tomorrow morning since it had been nearly 72 hours with the tracking number not indicating it had been scanned in. a few minutes later i finally got a notification that it was in transit
i plan on leaving a review mentioning these communication issues for sure. but i also can't tell if i jumped the gun? i can acknowledge that if this was a major retailer i probably would not of gotten to this point until a good few solid weeks of waiting. but i guess seeing my messages get ignored while she was active just iffed me. i also understand that usps is slower right now, but i would of 100% been more patient/not check in every day if she had just replied with some sort of reassuring message?
sorry this is a lot. but i want to hear other's thoughts
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2021.12.01 22:03 rtwyyn What folder structure do you use? (selective sync depending on device/OS)

Hello everyone!
I am new to syncthing and looking to learn on best practices to folder structure and syncing.
I have several windows machines which i want to sync windows specific apps (config files, etc),
then i have notes/media files that i want all my devices to have.
some sensitive files that i want only my home devices to have, etc.
I am thinking about following strucutre

(only * folders are synced)
Does it sound right? Are there real life examples i can learn from / take as inspiration?
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2021.12.01 22:03 MediumHotIce The main issue with SBU is that it's absurdly over-enrolled.

We've got a campus of 18,000 undergraduates that was designed for about 9,000 undergraduates, with the resources and services to comfortably serve 5,000 students.
It's the university equivalent of being packed in a subway car at rush hour.
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2021.12.01 22:03 Master-Fuel-1534 My milk at school is a slushie...

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2021.12.01 22:03 jelly_filled Don’t really know where else to post this and I need some advice, my roommates didn’t say happy birthday to me

I’m a dude and just turned 25 today. I grew up with my 3 roommates, we were in the same friend group in high school and we live together in the same house. We have a group chat and I’ve been at work all day, I got home and they all said what’s up. No mention of my bday, alright fine maybe they forgot, no biggie. An hour after I got home one was cooking and he asked me to try some of the food he was making, so I brought up it being my bday just to see if he knew by saying, “yeah man I could go for a lil birthday food”. He just acknowledged it being my bday and asked why I went in to work. So obviously they know it’s my birthday but didn’t care to reach out, right? I don’t know what to make out out of all of this and honestly I’m a little hurt by this.
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2021.12.01 22:03 MLG_RGX_RGX made this vid for kyle, plz watch kyle if your out there or in here idk
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2021.12.01 22:03 WatergateHotel Blurry picture of a cat

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2021.12.01 22:03 Nick_Valentines_Day Jacked

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2021.12.01 22:03 TheOGPhantomLlama We TRY to Play Fortnite with a SUBSCRIBER! - ft. Dabcat!

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2021.12.01 22:03 Alexandria_Scott Gloomy landscape for Democrats in midterms as Biden's approval drops to 38% in USA TODAY/Suffolk poll.

Not surprised.
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2021.12.01 22:03 Crazy_Potato_Aim Salvage Related Questions

So I haven't noticed or encountered this yet but this morning before work I played a Warzone mission and knocked out quite a few Mechs.
Two of them were Hunchback J's, and they both ended up on the salvage screen after the battle. One was a cockpit kill I'd managed on my own, with everything else intact. The share price was like 48. The 2nd was a focus target for the Lance and I came in at the last second and finished it with another headshot. There was nothing left of this Mech but a red torso section and core, and one leg. Everything else was gone. And the share price was still like 45 or 46.
I've read that legging mechs is bad for salvaging, cockpits are number 1 obviously. But I've heard multiple times that the more damaged a Mech is the less it will cost to salvage. Is there a baseline cost for each type of Mech and it can't go lower than that? If so, what's the point of damaging a Mech at all if headshots will be quicker and save you trouble?
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2021.12.01 22:03 A-Rainbow-Birb Please mods...I really need help. I need proof for my sister..please, I mean no harm.

I need to ask a personal question that has been deleted multiple times on here, please message me or something, or please someone on the community message me, I promise I'm not a spam bot, I just need help, please.
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2021.12.01 22:03 dmn1x What is this red bar that pops up when I get hit? Googling hud/red bar etc just gives results about hp.

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