Went digging through boxes in my spare room that I haven’t looked in for over 10 years

I went down to the front garden and clumb over the stile where you go through the high board fence. There was an inch of new snow on the ground, and I seen somebody’s tracks. They had come up from the quarry and stood around the stile a while, and then went on around the garden fence. Cautiously, he went to the door, looked through the small peep hole and saw nothing. He could see no one standing there, so he looked a second time. This time he saw to the right he thought he saw something on the floor, about ten feet away—a box placed in the middle of the floor. The second home invasion happened when i was 10 years old,i came home to my family going about their normal behavior,my dad had some friends over,they were at the kitchen table laughing and talking,it was about 7pm (for those in Australia we were watching home and away) my dad and his friends went into my parents room while my mother,sister and ... Notes: Title inspired by the song Rise. Prove yourself and Rise, Rise Make 'em remember you Rise Push through hell and Rise, Rise They will remember you Rise Rise - The Glitch Mob, Mako, and The Word Alive. Fic inspired by a throwaway comment by Beca from The 118 discord server. Thanks to my enablers for the encouragement as this fic exploded. A husband and wife, a forced fantasy and a dark hotel room. Group Sex 10/18/16: Just Another Plain Jane (4.56) Janet can't keep her clothes on. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 02/06/19: Losing My Assistant (4.40) Elizabeth quits her job in an unusual way. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 05/24/18: Mannequin X (4.72) The wall looked like an old TV screen filled with static as she faced it straight on.  Her nose tickled as it began to grow longer just at the tip, then her nostrils, then the bridge widened.  At that point, Lisa's lips tingled, her cheeks and chin did too. She blinked rapidly as her face went through the barrier. Being seen through large windows becomes enticing. Exhibitionist & Voyeur 04/19/21: Unc and the Girl Next Door (4.23) Ali I surprised by her feelings for Unc, the guy next door. Romance 03/31/21: We Needed a Vacation: 4 Part Series: We Needed a Vacation Ch. 01 (4.67) A couple meets three other couples and decide on no limits. Use a Carrier: Bring the new cat out into the home in a cat carrier. Allow the other pets to sniff, interact, and even hiss. This is all part of their introduction. Supervise: Allow the other cat out into the house for short periods of time while you supervise. Be ready to separate and move the new cat back to its room if the situation gets too stressful. And so much for laying out the threads so I can see them clearly! I ran out of room, so my complete sets of floche and coton a broder are stored like this for now. Eventually I will invest in a few more cabinets. The 10-drawer cabinets are small enough to sit on top of a table, if you can handle having something “towering” on the table. After 25 or so years of watching Evangelion and finally seeing it come to its conclusion with the rebuild series made me cry ugly tears. If you haven't watched it, I strongly recommend watching the tetralogy. If you don't, at least listen to the song "One Last Kiss" by Hikaru Utada. I listened to it non-stop while writing Chapter 10.

2021.10.23 18:28 ThereItIsNopeItsGone Went digging through boxes in my spare room that I haven’t looked in for over 10 years

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2021.10.23 18:28 Internet_Is Colly Ros

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2021.10.23 18:28 spiralout1123 NC 60,000 mile maintenance questions

To preface, I’m an idiot, and I don’t know what I’m doing. However, I’m just as broke as I am stupid, and it creates problems.
So, I’m a little over 5k miles overdue for my 60k mile maintenance. This most importantly includes transmission oil service, and a cooling system flush.
It doesn’t appear I’ll be able to do either on my own, so I’m scrambling to make an appointment to have it done. Seems as though I’ll have to do this through a transmission specialist or face the dealer? Is it too much for most oil change shops?
I’ve been seeing symptoms of my inaction for the past ~500 miles. It’s gotten slightly worst, and it’s mostly the car lurching around more at low speeds I have errands I have to do on my day off but I’m worried I’m about to really screw myself driving an hour out. What could this be?
Any insight would be really, really appreciated
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2021.10.23 18:28 strucktuna Cyclops Getting Replaced? (Spoilers, Possible Rumor Mill)

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2021.10.23 18:28 McJumbos The enemy of my enemy is my friend #FTA

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2021.10.23 18:28 ColoradoGrrlMD What To Get/Do Before Starting Med School?

I’m trying to plan my budget for the next several months, in terms of both time and finances. And I’m wondering, from any med students in the forum, what things do you wish you had done to best prepare for the first year of med school? And are there any resources you wish you had purchased?
Could be anything: medical procedures, shadowing experiences, new habits, books you read, courses taken, materials reviewed, new laptop, nice desk chair, headphones, stationery… absolutely anything at all that has made or would make your life easier starting out in med school.
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2021.10.23 18:28 hauserd "Angry Seller Noises"

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2021.10.23 18:28 mariocotrim Fut Champions Points Question

I just finished the FUT Champs qualifiers. If I redeem my entry now and only end up winning, for example, 3 or 4 games, do I still keep my 1500 points for next week (and can try to qualify again) or do I have to play all those rivals matches again?
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2021.10.23 18:28 Wans- Why for honor, why?

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2021.10.23 18:28 blazzik My dog and his weird sleeping positions

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2021.10.23 18:28 throwaway___anon I feel like people are quick to make an opinion of me based on how I look and from there it’s a struggle to convince them otherwise

This is obviously a throwaway account, and I wish I could provide my main as an example but I wont. I will tell you for context that I have only made a few of my own posts on there - One asking for advice on my eyebrow shape, with a normal photo of my face, no makeup, no filter - JUST my face from the chin up for reference so people can give me advice. Aside from that I have 1 post posing a question about citizenship/visa, and 1 post about a film I co-shot of some dudes having a good time skateboarding.. I’m not even in it. I’m behind the lens.
Recently I posted a question to a Halloween subreddit with an attached photo of my costume (Queen of the Damned). I didn’t want to copy the costume exactly, so I did more or less, something similar but not exact. I wanted to know if it was ‘reading’ Queen of the Damned or did I miss the mark. I also posted because people from that same sub had asked me to update them on what costume I ended up going with (I had asked a question on there before, trying to decide between multiple ideas). So I post my stupid costume. I ask my question. I start getting downvoted? I also started getting DMs - got called everything from ***things I don’t know if I’m allowed listing in my post here ***, people assuming I’m fishing for compliments to stroke my ego, creeps saying degrading things to me or saying this is not a place to promote my “OF” which I don’t have. If they looked at my profile- it’s not that kind of profile. I don’t even comment on those kind of subs. Where are these assumptions coming from? and what’s with all the hate. I tagged the photo as NSFW for courtesy and precaution because it is a costume that shows more skin than others - it’s not even NSFW, I wasn’t overtly trying to be sexual or anything out of context for the costume.
I see plenty of people on that same sub posting their costumes, not even advice-seeking like I was, but just posting their costume to flaunt it. There are other costumes on there that are more ‘adult’ or based on characters who wear a bit more revealing clothing. What pissed people off about mine?
I feel like I encounter this attitude a lot. Even in my career, where I am working a field that is male-dominated. I feel like I always have to fight to make certain things very clear to avoid being typecast. At work, men will be quick to argue with me or challenge my expertise even if male colleagues have the same views- they will come for me instead of other men, try to assert themselves, try to argue with me before they even realize the validity of what I am saying. Why?! I will never understand. I noticed this on Reddit too. Reddit is an example of where I can actually see it in a somewhat more quantifiable way. I don’t know if I am just overly sensitive or hyper-aware of it, but it feels like people judge me on my appearance… a lot. And much more harshly than other people. I feel like I get dismissed or put in a box before anyone has the chance to actually know me. Sometimes I feel so exhausted. I have a traumatic and violent past. Things that happened to me from a young age that make me very uncomfortable to be perceived sexually or for my appearance. I am mixed race and grew up in a conservative country, and on a military base at that. I was severely bullied. I feel I am also not conventionally attractive so I receive such a duality of commentary about my my physical appearance or am treated as exotic. I suppose all this factors into why this hurts me more than most, why I feel this so deeply … it feels like I’ve been fighting against the current with this my whole life.
Sometimes I feel like maybe there is something wrong with me as opposed to something external. Maybe I’m putting out the wrong vibe, somehow in some way.. but I don’t think I am doing anything other people aren’t, and other people are not regarded in the same way. I have tried different approaches to shift this type of judgment off of myself. Nothing seems to work. I don’t know why I am more prone to scrutiny or preconception, assumptions, accusations of vanity.. than people out there who actually want that kind of attention, but I find my back against the wall with this a lot.
Sorry, this got long, tldr; I hate being unfairly judged for my appearance. But who doesn’t
I probably just need to get over it- internally.
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2021.10.23 18:28 WHTVS- THE CAPTAINS CURSE

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2021.10.23 18:28 TheEpicRedCape Why are customers constantly getting coupons now that are valid days AFTER they get them?

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2021.10.23 18:28 TroyAndAbed21 Just had one of my most memorable games

I was playing solo quick play on Xbox and joined a match already in progress. It was Numbani and the enemy team was in the stretch before second checkpoint. I decided to go with Zarya since we had a shield in a Rein.
Apparently the person I filled in for was the problem on the team. We quickly took control and before I knew it, I was at 100 charge. One time I noticed our Rein was overextended in a 2 or 3 vs 1 situation, so I bubbled him and I have never heard someone geek so hard on Overwatch before. He yelled something like “BEST BUBBLE EVER!” and went on and on. Then just as we were as we were about to get into overtime, I was on point and noticed the Rein (in the back by himself) doing a sneak attack. So I bubbled him just as his attack started and he went even MORE insane in the voice chat and soon after we won the game.
It makes the game so much more fun when your teammates get excited like that. Wish all games were that great!
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2021.10.23 18:28 catsmeow999 How can I help my rats bond with eachother?

I recently adopted an older female to pair with my single older female who lost her cage mate. Intros were super easy, both girls immediately accepted eachother with absolutely zero signs of territorial behavior or aggression. However, after moving into the cage together, they spend very little time together, instead preferring to nap alone. They do not fight or exhibit any signs of stress they just seem pretty indifferent about eachother. How can I help them bond? I adopted the second rat because mine was showing signs of depression when her sister died and that’s improved but I expected them to do normal rat sister things like cuddle together.
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2021.10.23 18:28 sevsigns Looking for Shiny Zamazenta, will trade shiny zacian

Or offer!
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2021.10.23 18:28 Attorney_Proof SG Scoring Is trash now

Im not going to lie, the fact that Cyan got all 4 survivors and an crate, a few kills aswell. But only 400 points above 2nd? They didnt event get 1k for all 4 living. Bruhhhuhhuhuh
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2021.10.23 18:28 djeves Final day (for plus members) Who do you think will win and why?

I don’t know anything about Alucard so I can’t say who will win.
View Poll
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2021.10.23 18:28 passengered "Women are no longer oppressed and men are no longer oppressor". what do you thinK?

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2021.10.23 18:28 Fun-Conversation1538 Peter Parker has mastered the Joestar family's secret technique.

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2021.10.23 18:28 starfeed 211022 Members Instagram (Yechan)

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2021.10.23 18:28 Lukebwwfc Me waiting for the main event to start

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2021.10.23 18:28 NoHovercraft329 CAPTAIN SPANKLES NOOOOO

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2021.10.23 18:28 ximaginationcomplex Photography spaces

I need some photography and artist friends to let me know where around here I can get ahold of a space to do some modeling photography without breaking the bank.
Public spaces are not an option because privacy and such is needed.
I used to rent air bnb’s for this kind of thing because 65 bucks for an entire evening in a really cool and versatile space is better than paying a hundred bucks an hour for a cold dead feeling all white studio space. Plus, that price to me is kind of outrageous when we are doing as a hobby/creating art and not making any monetary gains from It.
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2021.10.23 18:28 Blood-n-Cheese A Dance for the Lord by Gabriel Tan

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