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Sideways pic!!

2021.09.19 12:17 rainbowj1 Sideways pic!!

Changed my profile pic and the new one looks normal until I save it then it shows sideways! Have tried a few different ones and same thing happens. I know it's irrelevant but it's also irritating. Help anyone?
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2021.09.19 12:17 Outrageous_Wafer_388 Do i have to say anything

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2021.09.19 12:17 iHunt20 Older mod that makes Frost more challenging and immersive

Search and Destroy - Extended Combat Range and Stealth Searches
Passive enemy searches last twice as long. Searches in combat are 3x longer. Area searched is 50% greater
I also turned off VATS (well, replaced it with bullet time) so I can't spam the vats button to find enemies before they can see me
I also play only permadeath, which has been an interesting learning experience.
I've been getting further in my runs developing some good guerilla tactics, especially hit and run headshots from maybe 50m. But now I can't just run behind a corner and wait 10 seconds
Best part of this mod? Gunshots popping off all over the map because NPCs are searching further for each other as well. They're probably using up all their (my) ammo though
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2021.09.19 12:17 TheKingsRevenge [WTS] (CA)

Hey y’all, stopped playing airsoft a couple of years ago and I’d like to just clean out the closet.
Got a lot of old gear that I’m not exactly sure how to price so offers are welcomed. I’d like to price things to move quick. If you think something is priced wrong tell me, I’m sure we can work something out. Anyway here we go
I live relatively close to the beach so many parts have a small amount of rust or buildup, that is why they will be at a severely discounted rate. In other words they could use some love.
Thankyou for looking at my gear!
Custom Wolverine Inferno v2 inside G&G combat machine body with a custom hair trigger and choice of fixed or combat machine stock, has custom Amped Airsoft tube. With battery and charger ~250$
Amped airsoft 300psi tank with a Ninja SLP, regulator, and red HPA line. ~70$
Magazine lot, will not ship less than 3. x2 KWA 120rnds ~ 13$ each X3 salty/rusty G&G mags ~20 for 3 or 7$ each
Old DYE i4 mask with super salty lens ~40$
SKD PIG Brigandine plate carrier size small Swimmers cut plates, can throw in free yoga mat panels I made years ago. ~90$
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2021.09.19 12:17 OldMembership3141 58[M4F]Looking for female online friend, I enjoy the company of another woman.

Ladies, older married man looking for some online company.
I enjoy chatting online and tossing in an occasional video chat.
Looking for a female 25 plus. I just keep thinking there is one of you out there!
Dm or chat
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2021.09.19 12:17 _____THRoW_AWAY___ If you had to live in a fictional world, which one would you choose?

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2021.09.19 12:17 Monk-Ey Tekken Online Challenge - Middle East is now ongoing

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2021.09.19 12:17 MasterOfTimberframe Carved this little fella for my godchilds first birthday. Made from oak with linseed.

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2021.09.19 12:17 Ok_Then1826 Got my first graphics card, now time for my first build. Thanks Newegg Shuffle

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2021.09.19 12:17 CGaleanoRios Ya está disponible el video de nuestro Café Escéptico "La naturaleza y el humano: La visión de Bertrand Russell"

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2021.09.19 12:17 Tessia0710 Where to read The Sword Dynasty - Volume 3 Chapter 93 - Damage online for free!!

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2021.09.19 12:17 1alphaMatt Memory rank, controller and channels

Help me understand. The Epyc 7742 has eight channels for memory. The RomeD8-2T motherboard has eight sockets for memory. I'm assuming the controller can handle eight channels
1) If I use four sticks of dual-rank memory, does the controller utilize all available channels?
2) Which would be better, eight sticks of single-rank o dual-rank memory?
3) Vendor told me quad-rank memory will be available Sep-21. Would that be better?
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2021.09.19 12:17 JuiceWager Help! Hey guys looking for a quick diagnosis if possible. New to keeping fish and this fella I’ve only had for 2 months. He didn’t have these spots about 4 hours ago when I last seen him but now he does. Little white tag looking things that have seemingly appeared rapidly. Any help appreciated!

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2021.09.19 12:17 monstrousCherub What do you do when you feel dead inside?

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2021.09.19 12:17 Dazzlingpolyuria78 Just got these, want to make it a friend gift, what's your opinion ?

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2021.09.19 12:17 Coysterk slpt: a small surprise for your crematorium operator

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2021.09.19 12:17 needfx On est dimanche : vous mangez quoi ce midi ?

Perso, je me cuisine une feijoada, mais végétarienne pour pas être dans le mal toute l'après-midi.
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2021.09.19 12:17 AnSawhatever When I don't really care about a nightmare but have some DV to spare, I summon 30 times max. This was my last try. HOW (why wasn't I this lucky during pajama party nightmare T-T)

When I don't really care about a nightmare but have some DV to spare, I summon 30 times max. This was my last try. HOW (why wasn't I this lucky during pajama party nightmare T-T) submitted by AnSawhatever to obeyme [link] [comments]

2021.09.19 12:17 andItsGone-Poof Victoria Road Map

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2021.09.19 12:17 Tessia0710 Where to read Remarried Empress - Chapter 166 - Sovieshu’s Shock (1) online for free!!

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2021.09.19 12:17 Longjumping-Fail2899 BRONCO LOVER......

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2021.09.19 12:17 2K96 Υπάρχουν εκείνοι που διαβάζουν ιστορίες ή βλέπουνε ταινίες και υπάρχουν εκείνοι που γράφουν στίχους ή θέλουν να γράψουν μία ιστορία για να τις διαβάσουν οι άλλοι. Φοβάμαι ότι στην Ελλάδα υπάρχει μόνο η πρώτη κατηγορία.

Εσείς έχετε μία ιστορία να γράψετε για αυτή και αν ναι τι περίπου θα ήταν;
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2021.09.19 12:17 LusipherStarLine778 I don't know what people do when they find out the truth or about what happened from 1929 through 1968

The worst part of distance happen between those years
He tried to blame me and say that I was Lucifer like I said you have one group basically trying to do many different things we're trying to do things like they try to do it one way and they fail then they try to do it a different way and they fail
And I actually wasn't me that was stopped was actually their takeover of America on that was treason in 1981
And it's a lot of stuff like keeping the public in the people from knowing about things and they're basically abusing it's abusive advanced technology
Like I say there's quite a few people that didn't know about what was happening and they thought that Lucifer was having a good time
It's Lusphur and this would I mean there really are 14 to 18 galaxies out there
So while thing do take time to happen and in 260 billion years there is no more question about a great many things
Well in the movies you see basically like the dark lord having lots of vessels all of a sudden or something like that and it's like well it's not really like that it's a large lights fear and basically they thought if they control America they control this planet if they controlled the Galaxy they'll realistically logically that's kind of impossible
The the longest range of the problems will only exist as far back as Lone rome
And that was of course because of the fake Bishop
Or rick bush he was saying he was Lucifer and richest man and king and yellow hair and trying to take credit for what I did so well he thought killing one Little size Lusphur would be easy
Oh wait killing one little size Brian Nathanial Alexander Briley would be easy for Lucifer
And well except Lusphur is star line women and children to the lifeboats first
So well protector so I wouldn't kill A little defenceless person
So they're going to try and put me inside of Asylum or lock me up or just call me crazy or something like that so you can cut of logically see why they would fail and I actually logically told them why they would fail though it was a bit too late by then
I don't really know and it really dose not matter that much though with just A little zome out perspective as we see 2 LS galaxy coming closer and have been for 99.7 trillion years
Um well there are 7 to 14 lines of LS life that some so-called superior man expected to be ruling by now including females
So well I mean they just planed on saying they where Lucifer or lord or something so well
I mean you would think they would at lest ask the people
Like hey you mind if we kill the most loved most fare and understanding person so they can like
Oh so the one person that is stoping all the not so fare people from ripping there throat out
Um huh like did you really think about this before you killed Lusphur Little size person
Um no they didn't they thought no one would ever find out that they killed or where trying to kill the inventor of stabilize energy in solid matter
Oh so like that wouldn't be A important person or anything like that I mean you know the inventor of 4 to 7 to 14 lines of life
And now the remover of men's hair hair Lose
Don't forget to plus your teeth because where you're going your not going to have teeth
Um ok that joke sucked
So really I'm the one that the Dead come back to life now in the name of
Lusphur so well only A vary dumb boy guy would try to use that name
So well this is interesting though I'd considered it epic waste of time
Just like when they said they saved me and no Chinese saved me Germany saved me I mean I'm the Lored of nite and lite am I not going to know who saved me or why
So mean while they try to live in the Lored of lite house and try to say there Lucifer
And um you mite think that 7 to 14 lines of life and 14 whole galaxy's might know and understand that there not Lusphur or Lusphur
So well yup I'm looking for the dumbest stupidest human with out hair oh he says he's my neighbor and no I do not want to help out my neighbors
Black people yes I do help and did help them
So the hair removed living around me well as they die I wonder what they think
Well so um anyway
Existence isn't a toy though some people who called themselves superiors who now have no hair thought that they could play with people that they can play with life so they could do deceptions they thought they could do things and then call them jokes
Or what ever they thought they could just kill me or take credit for what I done or to be celebrated in my place they thought they could do all these things
They thought that they could just fix it if it didn't go right or if it looked like he was not going right and well the problem is turned down a road time and space only go one way
And some people thought that they could just say that they were Lucifer or say that they're celebrated or the chosen one or something and they kept on changing what they said
So they through the out of time in 1930
By 1970 they where so vary deep in trouble and 1977 it was more then over for me anyway I have one and so I don't know what will happen
I know that a lot of people were hurt by this and that's why I didn't want it to happen why don't want it to continue though I don't know if anyone has a choice about it they did things and those choices have consequences
Do as I say it isn't the others fault
It is just A few hair removed men that cause most of the problem
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2021.09.19 12:17 RememberMementoMori I just hit a 100,000 subs how do you apply for the check mark and play button?

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2021.09.19 12:17 nortomasta Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon Code

Here is the Bed Bath and Beyond Coupon Code
Looking for more coupons ? You can find more coupons on this page. Also you can use the site search to find any coupons you want.
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