its just a spiral that never ends

2021.09.19 13:17 _ZEN0N-TheCloudKing its just a spiral that never ends

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2021.09.19 13:17 eeyazz If someone writes a book about your life and asks you to name it, what would you name it ?

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2021.09.19 13:17 Lea_ang06 Klee /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\

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2021.09.19 13:17 pirateshq Ashley benson, candid

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2021.09.19 13:17 the_real_Irinel710 How is this possible?

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2021.09.19 13:17 matttheshark Reattach H10 Front Plate?

I've had my H10 for about a year and a half now, and the front plate that covers the circuitry just fell off during an activity. I wasn't sweaty yet, so I'm fairly confident that nothing major got into it, but does anyone have a recommendation to seal it back up with some degree of moisture protection?
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2021.09.19 13:17 bigumamienergy I recently bought the domain but I’m not sure what to do with it, any suggestions?

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2021.09.19 13:17 Ok-Dirt3868 Dovme tasarlayan arkadaslar yoruma bekleniyorsunuz

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2021.09.19 13:17 TransSpottingLdn 2 Bakerloo Line trains

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2021.09.19 13:17 rspix000 Supreme Court justices say the institution must be nonpartisan — but they make it political

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2021.09.19 13:17 Currymango So Match Game's Charles Nelson Reilly also did one of those Saturday Morning Cartoon Blocks #JJHo

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2021.09.19 13:17 ThisNothing3106 Is this normal - one fan runs at 6500 RPM and the other runs at 3500 RPM at extreme performance

I set extreme performance from dragon centre every time i play games! Recently i noticed that both fans are not running at equal speeds: one at 6500 and another at 3500! Is this normal?
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2021.09.19 13:17 _WonderStruck_17 The Red Cup - RESULTS

And that's it! The end of the road for the Red Cup.
After tallying up all the 188 votes received in the final round, the Red Cup now has a winner!
And so it goes...

WINNER ALL TOO WELL 151 votes (80.3%)
Runner-Up Red 37 votes (19.7%)
All Too Well takes the title of the winner of the Red Cup, with a landslide victory in the final round!
It was pretty clear from the start considering how strong a fan-favourite All Too Well is within our fandom, AND how well-written this masterpiece of a song is. It was simply a juggernaut that was too strong for all the other songs on Red. Though, the title track had a pretty credible run to the final round too!
Breaking down the results, the final positions of the songs are as follows:
Winner All Too Well
Runner-Up Red
Semi-Finalists Begin Again, State Of Grace
Quarter-Finalists Sad Beautiful Tragic, Holy Ground, Treacherous, I Knew You Were Trouble.
Group stage (3rd place) The Lucky One, The Last Time, 22, I Almost Do
Group stage (4th place) WANEGBT, The Moment I Knew, Come Back...Be Here, Everything Has Changed
Group stage (5th place) Girl At Home, Starlight, Stay Stay Stay, State Of Grace (Acoustic)
Once again, a big thank you to all who participated in the Red Cup! I, for sure, had a great time hosting this little game.
Take care, everyone!
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2021.09.19 13:17 kaleemv AdriteFinance - ADRITE is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential

AdriteFinance - ADRITE is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential AdriteFinance - ADRITE is live. Low MC. Community Driven. Huge potential

✅AdriteFinance is Live. Low Market Cap. Low Holders

✅AdriteFinance is a 100% community driven and fair launched meme token which builds value for its Hodlers through the liquidity pool acquisition, manual burns and reflections

✅AdriteFinance is a community meme/utility token built on the BEP20 Token.

✅ Tokenomics are simple yet effective 10% Tax on Sell Orders 5% Liquidity Pool 4% Reflection to Hodlers 1% Marketing Wallet

✅ Liquidity Locked for 5 months

Here is the Tokenomics: 0x5D06292f1c8DCB30F6967D0e56d38c37a49A4b31

✅ Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000 ADRITE

✅ Burned at launch : 0.89%

✅ %4 - redistributed to holders

✅ Contract Address: 0x5D06292f1c8DCB30F6967D0e56d38c37a49A4b31

✅Pancakeswap Link:

✅Is this Community token ?

Yes, AdriteFinance - ADRITE supports its community. We are engaged with our community.
We listen to our community..Join our community

🌐 Telegram:

📈 Chart (Bogged):
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2021.09.19 13:17 Waity5 Oh come on x2

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2021.09.19 13:17 essaycode Homework 9 MiniBLAST Hash…….solved

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2021.09.19 13:17 anonavocado0 Short English assignment on rhetorical analysis, name your price (approx 500 words)

Speech link below if needed. Also provided a link for terminology and concepts. This is pretty simple since I did it for another speech earlier this week. I’m extremely busy for the next few days and don’t have time to sit down and analyze this. It’s due on sept 21st in the morning. PayPal, Apple Pay.

  1. In order to write a proper analysis, it's important for us to understand what the author of a text is writing about. Write a brief summary for each of Katie Herzorg “Dear Graduates, I Failed and Failed Until Something Worked”
  2. One important element of rhetorical analysis is to understand what the "writing situation" is. Write a brief explanation about what the writing situation in the speech. Writing situation is:
    Audience: The specific or intended audience of a text.
Authospeakewriter: The person or group of people who composed the text.
Purpose: To inform, persuade, entertain; what the author wants the audience to believe, know, feel, or do.
Exigence: The text’s reason for being, such as an event, situation, or position within an ongoing debate that the writer is responding to.
Message: The content of the text, the key point(s) the author is communicating to the audience.
Medium and genre: The delivery method, which includes broadly and narrowly defined categories of communication such as:
  1. Identify one passage from tbe speech (label accordingly) and identify key rhetorical techniques (ethos pathos and logos) that the author is using (depending on the passage you select, the author may be utilizing more than one of the rhetorical techniques).
Link to speech and references for terminology and concept.
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2021.09.19 13:17 BlayZWasTaken The Genshin Impact Community is-

Really toxic from what I see man, alot of arguments here and there, also the Kokomi drama has gone way too far here, and alot of pointless arguments happen in this sub, I just dont know why this community can be really toxic (pls change, there's always time to change people), I would really like to make a post about everything on this but my brain isn't on the mood of it yet
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2021.09.19 13:17 SuicideKing_x3 Warzone cheaters are evolving, Activision is devolving

I just want to ask Activision for proof that they are actually banning cheaters. I came back to warzone and I have at least 2 cheaters in every single lobby. Can you explain how are cheating reaching level 210 or even 100. How can you claim that you are banning cheaters if they receive reports every single game and they don't get banned after months of playing with cheats, even if they toggle ON from time to time ?
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2021.09.19 13:17 patlo911 I carved and painted a vegvisir on a moose shoulder blade

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2021.09.19 13:17 bucdaddy It's Talk Like A Pirate Fan Day!

''They're still shitty.''
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2021.09.19 13:17 Top_Location Makes Perfect Sense, Oh "bUt iF wE rOuTe ORdeRs iN LiT eXcHanGeS iT wOuLd aFFecT tHe pRicE!" (Also, r/WallStreetBets sucks, fucking hedgie shills got paid off ages ago)

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2021.09.19 13:17 thisisstupid13-01 Cold air intake

Anyone recommend doing a cold air intake mod in a 2is 350, or would it be pointless? I was looking into getting the F sport cold intake or the AFE takeda stage II cold air intake, but I keep reading there isn’t a performance increase only an aggressive sounding exhaust.
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2021.09.19 13:17 JorgeDserrano Getting better 💪🏻 any tips on shading ?

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2021.09.19 13:17 aquero Tiger wannabe on a lazy Sunday morning

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