UCSD Data Breach Victim

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. See if you’ve been part of an online data breach. Find out what hackers already know about you. Learn how to stay a step ahead of them. Must be a valid email. Stay safe: Get email alerts when your info appears in a known breach. Search for your email address in public data breaches going back to 2007. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

2021.09.19 13:58 mikeyceaser UCSD Data Breach Victim

The hackers that held the UCSD Hospital ransom have been using my info to torture my family with intense & descriptive (falsified) stories that align with my medical history in order to siphon money out of them for "lawyers". UCSD sent me a letter confirming that my identity was taken and offered me free credit monitoring as an apology 😒
Idk if this is crazy that I want to take on a hospital, but i don't want to wait for a class action lawsuit to recieve compensation for this absurd amount of stress that I never asked for. Is there anything I can do ? Or do I have to wait ?
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2021.09.19 13:58 Brtaydin Yeni Flair Duyurusu

Uzun zamandır aktif olamadığım için sub'a bakmamıştım Yeni flair Sanat,Spor,orjinal post olacak
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2021.09.19 13:58 TrickOfStars [PC] [PSN] [XBOX] [H]ave a lot of items (more than last time) [W]ant you to take a few more minutes to look at this list and offer

This is a list of almost every items I'm trying to sell in different platforms, feel free to offer. If I sell any of these items, I will cross it.

All Platform
Black Market
Goalkeeper Electroshock
Striker Saffron Singularity
Purple Singularity
Turtle Saffron Atomizer
Forest Green Atomizer
Orange Atomizer
Cobalt Toon
Acrobat Burnt Sienna Toon
Tactician Cobalt Sub-Zero
Lime Sub-Zero

Scorer Saffron Neyoyo
Striker Hypnotik
Tactician Titanium White REEVRB
Aviator Burnt Sienna Balla-Carrà
Titanium White Clockwork
Sweeper Saffron K2
Striker Crimson K2
Striker Forest Green K2
Tactician Forest Green Kalos
Burnt Sienna Zomba
Purple Zomba
Striker Lime Equalizer
Sniper Sky blue Lobo
Striker Titanium White Voltaic
Forest Green Vortex
Striker Purple Octavian
Striker Orange Alchemist
Sweeper Lime Alchemist
Titanium White Neptune
Crimson Neptune
Sky blue Neptune
Crimson Stern
Scorer Burnt Sienna Stern
Scorer Saffron Trahere
Crimson Sparkles
Lime Sparkles
Sweeper Lime Sparkles

Striker Pink Synthwave
Pink Twinzer
Show-off Black Comet
Striker Forest Green Tsunami Beam
Forest Green Tsunami Beam
Scorer Pink Tsunami Beam
Saffron Tsunami Beam
Striker Cobalt Werewolf
Striker Crimson Power-Shot
Sniper Titanium White Animus GP
Tactician Burnt Sienna Animus GP
Tactician Sky blue Animus GP
Grey Samurai
Striker Cobalt Samurai
Show-off Cobalt Samurai
Scorer Saffron Samurai
Goalkeeper Forest Green Samurai
Striker Sky blue Imperator DT5
Orange Triplex
Striker Crimson Triplex
Striker Saffron Triplex
Striker Burnt Sienna Neo-Thermal
Playmaker Grey Mantis
Striker Titanium White Mantis
Striker Titanium White Endo
Cobalt Endo
Victor Grey Tachyon
Orange Standard
Striker Cobalt Sparkles
Acrobat Forest Green Sparkles
Striker Burnt Sienna Sparkles
Sweeper Lime Sparkles
Striker Crimson Sparkles
Tactician Sky blue Sparkles
Striker Titanium White Thermal
Playmaker Lime X-Devil
Turtle Titanium White X-Devil
Playmaker Crimson Octane
Tactician Titanium White Breakout
Scorer Crimson Breakout

Very Rare
Orange Octane: Kana
Purple Truncheon
Striker Lime Discotheque
Aviator Purple Discotheque
Goalkeeper Saffron Discotheque
Sniper Pink Discotheque
Juggler Forest Green Discotheque
Purple Discotheque
Burnt sienna Discotheque
Orange Discotheque
Forest Green Discotheque
Forest Green EKG-OMG
Saffron EKG-OMG
Sky blue EKG-OMG
Titanium White EKG-OMG
Orange EKG-OMG
Cobalt EKG-OMG
Striker Titanium White EKG-OMG
Guardian Cobalt EKG-OMG
Turtle Saffron EKG-OMG
Aviator Titanium White EKG-OMG
Playmaker Crimson EKG-OMG
Scorer Titanium White EKG-OMG
Sniper Sky blue EKG-OMG
Playmaker Lime Reaper
Titanium White Lift-Off
Cobalt Lift-Off
Saffron Lift-Off
Forest Green Lift-Off
Pink Lift-Off
Purple Lift-Off
Striker Sky blue Nipper
Orange Gaiden
Striker Grey Gaiden
Scorer Saffron Yamane
Acrobat Grey Yamane
Paragon Saffron Yamane
Purple Yuzo
Saffron Yuzo
Tactician Crimson Yuzo
Purple SLK
Crimson SLK
Sweeper Burnt Sienna SLK
Guardian Cobalt Lightspeed
Purple Lightspeed
Tactician Black Lightspeed
Striker Purple Hexphase
Grey Septem
Aviator Titanium White Septem
Sky blue Falco
Titanium White Falco
Lime Falco
Burnt Sienna Vortex
Black Vortex
Lime Vortex
Saffron Vortex
Sky blue Invader
Forest Green Invader
Cobalt Invader
Pink Invader
Burnt Sienna Invader
Grey OEM
Pink OEM
Burnt Sienna OEM
Titanium White OEM
Stern Full Set Painted (with extra Saffron, Pink, Crimson, Burnt sienna, Purple, and Forest Green)
Striker Cobalt Yamane
Show-off Titanium White Hexphase
Sweeper Purple Yuzo
Sky blue Bob's Ramen
Pink Bob's Ramen
Purple Bob's Ramen
Grey Bob's Ramen
Lime Bob's Ramen
Pink Burnout
Grey Burnout
Forest Green Burnout

Black Market
Hexed (Champions 4)
Sweeper Hexed (Champions 4)
Scorer Parallax (Champions 3)

Cobalt Balla-Carrà (Victory)
Tactician Cobalt Clockwork (Accelerator)
Saffron Discotheque (Champions 3)
Crimson FGSP (Overdrive)
Striker Purple Zomba (Player's Choice)

Scorer Pink Octane: Tumbling Blocks
Titanium White Octane: Tumbling Blocks
Playmaker Black Lustrum X10
Orange Virtual Wave

Very Rare
Orange Discotheque (Elevation)
Cobalt Fennec: Ombre
Grey SLK (Overdrive)
Sweeper Grey Chakram (Player's Choice)
Crimson Gaiden (Player's Choice)
Purple Gaiden (Player's Choice)
Sky blue Gaiden (Player's Choice)
Orange Springtime Flowers

Black Market
Juggler Air Strike
Tactician Purple Exalter
Titanium White Atomizer (Revival)
Striker 20xx (Revival)
Striker Black 20xx (Revival)
Orange Slipstream

Lime Hypnotik (Triumph)
Aviator Black Zomba (Revival)

Very Rare
Titanium White Spiralis (Champions 4)

Octane: Royal Tyrant Full Set (with Acrobat Lime, Acrobat Pink, Goalkeeper Black, Playmaker Titanium White, Tactician Orange, Tactician Sky blue, Turtle Crimson, and Turtle Purple)
Scorer Titanium White Fennec: Hardline

Black Market
Turtle Lime Gravity Bomb
Turtle Tidal Stream
Acrobat Atomizer (Triumph)
Striker Atomizer (Revival)
Striker Lime Atomizer (Revival)
Striker Burnt Sienna Atomizer (Revival)
Goalkeeper Crimson Toon
Grey 20xx (Revival)
Goalkeeper Spectre (Nitro)
Tactician Biomass
Goalkeeper Interstellar
Hexed (Turbo)
Scorer Pink Hex Tide
Scorer Crimson Trigon (Revival)
Acrobat Biomass (Champions 4)
Paragon Interstellar

Sky blue Ultralex (Ignition)
Playmaker Lime Dynamo (Zephyr)
Burnt Sienna ARA-51
Grey Chrono (Accelerator)
Tactician Titanium White Pyrrhos Inverted (Select Favorites)

Lime Octane: 10dril
Crimson Spanner: Inverted
Paragon Deep Six
Crimson Fennec (Totally Awesome)
Grey Fennec (Totally Awesome)
Paragon Orange Ninja Star
Titanium White Flamerate
Crimson Insidio
Sweeper Purple Enchanter (Impact)
Sweeper Forest Green Power-Shot
Black Vampire Bat (Select Favorites)
Scorer Orange Triplex (Nitro)
Guardian Sky blue Endo (Turbo)
Takumi RX-T

Very Rare
Lime Astro-CSX
Scorer Titanium White Binary (Zephyr)
Scorer Grey Binary (Zephyr)
Burnt sienna Binary (Zephyr)
Lime Bob's Ramen
Pink Bob's Ramen (Elevation)
Orange Bob's Ramen (Elevation)
Saffron Bob's Ramen (Elevation)
Lime Burnout (Impact)
Orange Burnout (Impact)
Lime Chakram (Player's Choice)
Paragon Titanium White Cristiano
Grey Cristiano
Sky blue Discotheque (Elevation)
Purple Discotheque (Elevation)
Pink Discotheque (Elevation)
Forest Green Discotheque (Elevation)
Cobalt Discotheque (Elevation)
Crimson Diomedes (Triumph)
Burnt sienna Fennec: Ombre
Juggler Orange Hexphase (Player's Choice)
Juggler Cobalt Hexphase (Player's Choice)
Acrobat Burnt sienna Hexphase (Player's Choice)
Sniper Saffron Hexphase (Player's Choice)
Juggler Saffron Hexphase (Nitro)
Acrobat Saffron Hexphase (Nitro)
Acrobat Burnt sienna Hexphase (Nitro)
Paragon Crimson Hexphase (Nitro)
Goalkeeper Orange Hexphase (Nitro)
Tactician Forest Green Yamane (Elevation)
Tactician Pink Yamane (Elevation)
Scorer Burnt sienna Yamane (Player's Choice)

Octane: Vertebrate Full Set (with Acrobat Forest Green, Acrobat Pink, Paragon Burnt Sienna, Show-off Sky blue, Striker Cobalt, and Sweeper Crimson)

If you reached here, thank you for your time and I hope I didn't waste it.
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2021.09.19 13:58 gamiseki1977 Solari tras perder invicto de América: 'Toluca tuvo punch y mostró oficio'

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2021.09.19 13:58 AlbertCaraco1 Ok fellow reddit bros, Im looking for some recommendations.

I love metal music that's basically black metal approach to vocals but with more "grand" and beautiful instrumentals. Think Agalloch, Empyrium (at times) or Aquilus. I would appreciate any hints
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2021.09.19 13:58 giuliomagnifico Meet the UAE's COVID-19 sniffer dogs, capable of 30-40 tests/day with a 98.2% detection success rate

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2021.09.19 13:58 hexomer average r/atheism enjoyer?

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2021.09.19 13:58 AlarmedBicycle Nothing like naturism in nature

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2021.09.19 13:58 lt420lt It affects all walks of life and im high middle class

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2021.09.19 13:58 DJ_Ritty Around The World In a Day extended...I kinda found new love for this album.

Around the World In A Day
Paisley Park (remix)
Condition of the Heart
Raspberry Beret (extended 12" new mix)
She's always In My Hair (12" version)
America (extended version)
Girl (extended version)
Pop Life (extended 12" version)
Hello (extended 12" fresh dance mix)
The Ladder

I'm going to make my own edits on 2-3 tracks but otherwise this is a GREAT album. I never really got how Hello was a DISS TRACK lol. Great stuff. This is an ALBUM ya know, like one long listen - not just TRACKS like today's crap. This is one giant THING lol.
Y'all need to put together this long version if you haven't cuz it's GREAT. That's all lol. Peace.
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2021.09.19 13:58 fdc7719 Cursed tartar sauce

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2021.09.19 13:58 Sentylasong rockafella universal - piece of the pie

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2021.09.19 13:58 THATONEFOOFRUMLB when should I use Train, monorail, tram?

What's the optimal way of setting these up?
I notice the tram doing well, so I'm wondering if I should use another one or set up a monorail instead. Also between the train, and monorail I'm unsure. What suggestions can you give a new player like me?
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2021.09.19 13:58 pauley_see I'm an English teacher in Korea. My favorite (kindergarten) student drew me as a "giant monster."

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2021.09.19 13:58 thatguy5432112345 Never Played But Would Love It

Hey everybody. I am a middle-aged dad that has never played D&D but know it is something that I would love. None of my friends in the area (northern Virginia) would enjoy it but I’d like to get into it. I know very little about the rules/gameplay but would love to learn! How would folks suggest I find a group or get a primer on how to play? I usually pick things up quick but will be a total newbie for a bit. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2021.09.19 13:58 Miniso200 If you could Revamp any existing unit like Change their Talent and/or an Exclusive Gear and/or a 3C, Which Heroes would you Revamp?

Just a hypothetical situation of what IFs but also I wanna hear other people's Opinion. Please feel free to explain why you choose to change that certain 3C and/or Exclusive gear... like is it to improve their effectiveness in PVP or PVE or both? or maybe because it's closer to the character's traits in their original game?

3C: Blazing Light of the Holy Sword
Add Passive Skill:
[Passive] - When taking fatal damage and doesn't die, Restore 25% of maxHP.
When she revives it brings her HP to 25% instead of 0-1%. It will allow her to easily heal back to full HP or above 70% HP when she is killed. She also revives with at least 25% HP If killed but cannot heal because of Heal Block or Heal reversal debuff.

Exclusive Gear: Goddess Pure Cloth
When unit's HP is greater than 50%, DEF/MDEF +8%; When unit's HP is less than 50%, INT/SKL +8%
If unit HP 100%, After Action gain [Purity] +2% Damage reduction and Immunize this unit against the next incoming debuff [Stacks 2 at a time, Max Stacks 5] (+10% damage reduction max). Cannot be dispelled
Armor is an INT version of Carbon Fiber Armor. I still believe that Def and Mdef would be better Stat to increase than an HP build for Yulia. Her HP should not be too High because it's makes it harder to maintain her 70% Talent requirement. If her HP drops below 70% her talent is basically disabled.
For the Armor exclusive effect I decided to borrow one of Rocenziel's Crystal Barrier effect but with an added small damage reduction effect. Yulia is basically the Goddess's Blade thus as a weapon designed to repel chaos or the forces of Darkness, she should be able to prevent Debuffs by "cutting" the evil or negative power that causes the debuff... Just my wild Imagination. IMO, preventing debuffs is still better than getting a 1 turn dispellable godly menace that only triggers when she revives.
Might be OP because it should Stack with [Crystal Barrier] so Yulia could have 10 chances to block debuffs if you are able to Stack [Purity] 5 times, which takes 3 turns; Although, it requires Yulia to have 100% HP so it might not be as easy as it seems especially in PVP. I think you can maintain 100% HP in PVE quite easily.
Why Purity - well, purity means free from contamination. debuffs are like contaminants and a stack of purity prevents 1 debuff from being applied.

Talent: Skill, Crit rate and Crit damage increased by (10, 13, 16, 20)%. After defeating an enemy, trigger Smoke: Reduce all damage by 45% for 1 turn [Cannot be Immunized and Undispellable]. This effect requires (3,2,2,1) turns before it can be triggered again.
Nothing too Big, just added increase in Skill and Crit damage by 20% at 6 stars and Increase damage reduction for his smoke to 45%, also making [Smoke] Undispellable and cannot be immunized against so it won't too Identical to the 1C passive Smoke. Having more stats increase in his Talent makes it an SSR grade Talent fit for the main protagonist of Langrisser III.

3C: Return of The Prodigal Son
Add Passive Skill and Minor changes to Active Skill:
[Passive] When Attacking, Hero is guaranteed to land Critical Hit and +50% Crit damage but takes 10% more damage has 2 turns CD. Skill Ignores effects that prevents or reduce Crit Chance. ( the Passive only affects Hero/General. Doesn't affect Soldier Crit chance and Crit damage.)
Cost: 3 / CD: 4 / Range: 2 / Span: Single
[Physical Damage] Deals 1.3x damage to a single target, ignoring guard and Ignores Melee Penalty. If landing a successful critical strike, after battle, restores 30% of the damage dealt as HP. Before battle, steals up to 2 buffs. If this attack does not kill the target, it will forcibly activate all kill-associated effects for Dieharte.

I find it odd that Dieharte is build like an Assassin but has low Skill and in Langrisser III he is suppose to be a Knight of Larcuss.
Dieharte's 3C is just Calamity with Regen (Only if you crit) and Fix damage (If you don't kill) but with +1CD... His 3C is also it's Kinda useless on his Cavalry Class because his Cavalry has low Skill and suffers from Melee penalty so You must bring Range Units in his Cavalry class and it makes him useless for the rest of the turn when his 3C in CD. The revamp I suggest Just makes it so his 3C ignores Melee penalty so it is useful in his cavalry class but it removes the +20% Crit chance.
The Passive increases his chances of OHKO an enemy because it gives him a guarantee Critical Hit with +50% Crit damage every 2 turns. His overall Crit damage is increase to x2.0 [1.3 (base crit damage) +0.2(from Talent) +0.5 (from 3C passive)]. x2.25 crit damage if he has Blazing sun enchant. Probably the Highest Crit damage modifier in the game if that were to happen.
Prodigal means recklessly extravagant or imprudent, it could also mean giving in abundance... so decide to add a negative effect like +10% damage taken when Dieharte is attacking it is also a slight draw back to the Insane crit damage he will dishes out.
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2021.09.19 13:58 evaldez14 "BullSh*t" Donald J. Trump On China And General Milley

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2021.09.19 13:58 Av3rag3_Joel props to the alchemist!

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2021.09.19 13:58 55_bartholomeos little boy? hol up

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2021.09.19 13:58 OrionDUchiha Both are great movies

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2021.09.19 13:58 buric69 Am I the only one who saw these in the intro?

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2021.09.19 13:58 notsjur hello i made a rap song (and video) about bread dough. thought you might like it

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2021.09.19 13:58 Zivilistenschwein ich_iel

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2021.09.19 13:58 no_longer_LW_2020 Procol Harum - Conquistador (Live)

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2021.09.19 13:58 CroxelStudios Atari-inspired horror roguelite. Play the beta for free now!

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