Monitor order on official Benq website

2021.09.19 12:54 Onlyjody96 Monitor order on official Benq website

I buyed a Mobiuz 2710s about 2 weeks ago from the official benq website but I didn't receive it yet. One week ago I contacted the support and they said to me it's not available at the moment in the warehouse and I have to wait. Now I paid the monitor and waiting for a date that the support is not able to tell me. Anyone had this type of experience with benq? I think benq is a big company and i can rest assured or I have to be worried about my money? The first time I bought the monitor has arrived in 3 days.
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2021.09.19 12:54 Tessia0710 Where to read Katahane no Riku - Chapter 66 online for free!!

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2021.09.19 12:54 Sentai___ Activision login

I'm trying to login to my activision account but it says use code from google authenticator for 2fa but i don't have my codes anymore is there anything I can do to login
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2021.09.19 12:54 akzhol1 Which fields are oversaturated?

Which IT fields do you think are the most oversaturated? Should it even matter to those trying to decide which field to get into?
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2021.09.19 12:54 aloofloofah Just a normal day at the office. Deep underwater.

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2021.09.19 12:54 Hummerous Born To Live

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2021.09.19 12:54 sadsackle JU from r/graphic_design. The quality of most of the works are below average yet the comment are all positive compliment with little constructive criticism.

For ex, this design looks straight out of a elementary school project drawn with MS paint yet a lot of folks there say shits like "Wow, I love the color scheme" "It's fun to look at". Even if it meets the very basic requirement (deliver the message), there's nothing about it makes me think "Uhm, this is a GOOD design".
Being supportive is one thing, but compliments like that literally give NOTHING of value except making OP feels good about themselves. Let's be honest, would anyone of you pay money to get this design?
"BuT tHeY aRe jUsT bEgiNners!!". It's precisely that they are beginner, they need to get straight and clear feedback without beating around the bush. If someone burns a steak, just tell them "You burned it. Do not cook them over X minutes..." instead of sugar coating it with "I LOVE how this tiny piece over here is still juicy, but this might have been cooked a little bit too well done... I guess?"
The reason why these posts are so common and gets upvoted, I guess it was because most of the pro have left to focus on their own works or because they see how low the level of the sub is. This leaves only a few ones who are patient enough to give feed back to beginners, but most of the members are still amateurs which slowly turns the sub into another circlejerk.
I should have left that place when it's all raging about minimalism.
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2021.09.19 12:54 chimbuscrinkleton What is your definition of success?

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2021.09.19 12:54 IAmOEreset [WP] "Is this the afterlife?" "No sir/ma'am, this the beforelife. How may I help you?"

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2021.09.19 12:54 cooldawg911 Found the bus for $21 and the Toy Story Carnival Mania for $20

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2021.09.19 12:54 ExtremeMith Lea every season

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2021.09.19 12:54 Tessia0710 Where to read The S-Classes That I Raised - Chapter 29: Dokkaebi[1] online for free!!

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2021.09.19 12:54 alflurin [Online][Foundry VTT][CEST][GMT+2][Sunday, Monday or Tuesday's evening] Looking for a group to play a roleplay heavy campaign in either 5e or some form of World of Darkness


I'm a 42 yo bloke from Switzerland and I'm currently looking for a group to occupy my Sunday, Monday or Tuesday evening. I'm a big fan of foundry and I'm currently learning how to DM in it but for the time being, I would be honored to take part in any campaign with heavy emphasis on roleplay and intrigue. I've played for about 3 years in six different systems so I'm more than willing to learn a new system.
I would prefer a group based in Central Europe but I've played with people all around the world so, unless you ask me to wake up at 4am to play, I should be able to accommodate. I prefer DMs who are assertive without being intrusive and who keeps the party in check without feeling like we are following a predetermined script.

I'm comfortable, within reason with NSFW roleplay and shenanigans. I enjoy being placed on the spot and welcome it. It's therapy for me, in a way, since I suffer from PTSD and I'm an HSP. But I believe with communication between players and the DM, a comfortable and fun environment can be created for all, respecting each other's boundaries.

I'm open to pay... no, that's not right word... donate to a paid campaign but I'm currently in other paid campaigns and it would require something special to convince me to pay for another campaign.
Hope you all have a kickass day! Cheers
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2021.09.19 12:54 actually_juul Ik_ihe

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2021.09.19 12:54 Extati My Nissan Leaf 2019 40 kWh

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2021.09.19 12:54 yowargwarn Does anyone know if the fixtures on fifa 22 will be the real one’s or will they be random again?

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2021.09.19 12:54 NoobyDee Games where you "peak behind the scenes".

I've just played through Superliminal and I really liked that feeling of moving through the areas that you weren't supposed to be in, like the back rooms or places for "staff" or seeing that the area you are in is just a set and so on.
Similar titles that have this kind of "behind the scenes" feeling that I've played are: Portal & Portal 2; The Stanley Parable; Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist; Prey (2017) - opening.
Does anyone have any idea if there are any other games that have thing kind of vibe? I'm not looking for any specific genre: it could be a 2d sidescroller or an RTS, anything really. The only limitation is platform: PC.
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2021.09.19 12:54 xpbbuoy Using topical minoxidil with finastride

My hairline is receeding and am my hair is thinning as well. I went to a dermatologist and he suggested i use Minoxidil and oral Finastride together. I am really skeptical about using fin as i have read about its side effects. Do you reckon using only Minoxidil would show results or i should start with both Min and Fin?
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2021.09.19 12:54 Nephros36 Bruh, I'm sad :,(

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2021.09.19 12:54 lillie_connolly Mali/nepoznati kafici u Zagrebu

Imam poriv istrazivati ne previse poznate ali dobre kafice u Zagrebu- ili s dobrom kavom, ugodajem, lokacijom etc. Npr iza maksimira je jedan cudan kafic koji izgleda kao neka misticna koliba sa plisanom medvjedicima, slucajno sam naletjela na to.
Ne treba uopce izgledati spektakularno (cak jos bolje), nista fancy, samo da ima nesto cool u vezi sebe.
Ajd preporucite par misticnih kafica.
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2021.09.19 12:54 itsTraX Noah Drake

I'm out of the loop, did he get banned from nopixel? if he did then why? he was such a fun character
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2021.09.19 12:54 minivanspaceship Hell Let Loose might be one of October's PS Plus games

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2021.09.19 12:54 shartbike321 What could go wrong licking a crab

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2021.09.19 12:54 tan_v159 Intimessy [OC]

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2021.09.19 12:54 Bodian-Life Garlic Long Beans Recipe

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