i love lags

2021.09.19 13:57 macieklus i love lags

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2021.09.19 13:57 MisteryJay89 What do you think over this Style?

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2021.09.19 13:57 Zepplock Who will be the next Cardano in the Blockchain Startup scene? SUBX is your answer.

Startup Boost Token, SUBX has released a new website with brand new looks! Along with it are some exciting new product offerings that will take SUBX to the moon!


SUBX is a cryptocurrency token listed on CMC and CG that was founded with the intention of helping startup companies to grow and scale. With an innovative model that merges the traditional side of tech startup and crypto, it has a promising future of revolutionizing how amazing startups are built.

SUBX Software Pass
One of the most common problems for early startups is not having enough resources or technical knowledge on how to best boost productivity.

With the SUBX Software Pass, startups and SME owners will be able to get access to a wide variety of business software that includes CRM, HR, Finance, Project Management, Web Analyst, Conversion tools and more!

This is the perfect solution for small businesses who want to have a wide range of tools but don't want to spend a hefty amount. For just a small annual fee you will get full access to all their partner business software.

Launchpad X
If you’ve ever been passionate about a project and wished there was a way to finance it, then keep reading.

SUBX’s latest product offering Launchpad X, where you’ll have the ability to raise capital by launching your own token on the blockchain. Launchpad X will create your token and launch a pre-sale for prospective investors to buy your tokens.

Most importantly, all contracts are developed by the SUBX team and are audited to prevent rug pulls. You can select special tokenomics in the launch form for it to be installed in your token.

Ecosystem Apps
These are apps that SUBX created for their community to provide value for their hodlers. SUBX holders can always access these apps for free. Purchase and hold SUBX to get started!

Join them today on their ride to changing the world for a better place!

Website: https://subx.finance/
Telegram: https://t.me/subxofficial
Twitter: https://twitter.com/officialsubx
Contract: 0x5232152c8207653aeda5baa0ff7fb1046c23c753
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x5232152c8207653AEda5baa0ff7fb1046c23C753
Locked LP: https://dxsale.app/app/pages/dxlockview?id=1033&add=0&type=lpdefi&chain=BSC
CoinGecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/startup-boost-token
CoinMarketCap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/startup-boost-token/
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2021.09.19 13:57 bobby200612 Mesprit raid add 6319 4814 9751 and 6573 7673 5111

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2021.09.19 13:57 yu_boo Why do I feel guilty about this?

So I’m late 20’s female and ive only ever slept with one guy (when I was 27, who I was with for almost 3 years). It was around a year into the relationship before we slept together and the relationship ended as it just wasn’t that strong/lack of effort.
I’ve recently met another guy who I kissed on the first date and on the second date, I went back and it got quite intimate. We didn’t have sex but other things happened. For some reason, I’m now riddled with guilt about this. I’m now thinking all sorts like ‘what if he had a secret camera in his room’ and all this stuff, which I know sounds crazy. I suppose it’s also because I don’t know him that well, although I’ve been in contact with him a lot recently but only seen him in person twice.
Does anyone have any advice to relieve my anxiety? Thank you
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2021.09.19 13:57 H25azbxwyz How Afghanistan’s morning TV show host reports the news without provoking the Taliban

(Source: TODAY )
Watch the video in our channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laEuiol9Dlw

Television host Yalda Ali tries to navigate a potentially life-threatening situation every day as she presents the news since the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan's government a month ago.
The 25-year-old host of the daily "Good Morning" show on Afghanistan's TOLO news channel aims to present the news honestly while also not provoking the anger of the Taliban to where it could put her life in jeopardy.
"I have to be very careful about every single word, and also about the makeup that I wear, how I dress and how I behave around men" Ali told Engel. "We don’t know if we have freedom of speech, so we have to be careful so the Taliban don’t get crazy and we get harmed."
The Taliban made promises after they regained power that this time their harsh and repressive attitudes toward women have changed. However, when women protested for their rights in the Afghan capitol of Kabul earlier this month, several of the women said they were beaten by the Taliban.
Ali wears less makeup and dresses more conservatively than she did before the Taliban took over, but she remains a vibrant presence on television.
"In these conditions, I come in front of the camera with all this fear in my heart, but I smile" she said. "We are very careful in chatting and smiling or laughing. The Taliban say women should cover from head to foot, but that’s not my personality. I am very cheerful with everyone."
The Taliban has continued to let TOLO operate but does have a violent history with the organization. The Taliban has attacked TOLO twice since its founding in 2004 and has killed eight reporters and staff members.
Ali remains committed to delivering the news to the people of Afghanistan. She has only been an anchor for two weeks after replacing her predecessor, who was one of thousands who fled the country when U.S. troops left after 20 years.
"Journalists can give people hope" she said. "People(...)
Watch the video in our channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laEuiol9Dlw
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2021.09.19 13:57 CatCynic Hello, I am new owner and need an advice. Story in comments.

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2021.09.19 13:57 Decent-Chest-7786 Qc nike dunk unc. 55 euro consegna inclusa

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2021.09.19 13:57 Demetrios_Poliorcete Guys it's not a legend. It's really happening to me (first game in Non Ranked for a year btw i must be cursed)

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2021.09.19 13:57 Lord_Of_Titans Title kya dekh raha hai, jake PUJA kar tabhi bhagwan prasann honge! Kya pata giveaway bhi karde!!

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2021.09.19 13:57 datoneinvisibleninja test sever

test sever
This new? maybe perk activation notifications finally. was on a Gk on the test sever
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2021.09.19 13:57 WolfpackLofi Hey guys, my NEW single is now AVAILABLE on Spotify! Check it out 🥰

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2021.09.19 13:57 chaoticbiguy "r/AmITheAsshole hates you if you're one of these" starter pack.

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2021.09.19 13:57 heinaga1989 🌀 Phase Two of Presale Live! | 🌀 Quantum 🌀 | Launch this month! | Listing ICO | Crypto & Stock Trading 🌀

Quantum Presale is taking place from August 14th until the end of September and it will be launched this month!
Second Phase of our Presale is Live! Don't miss it and buy QNT tokens!
The Public Presale BNB-QNT ratio starts at 300k QNT tokens for 1BNB and over the course of September increases to 200k QNT tokens for 1BNB.
In order to protect yourself from sniping bots on DxSale, we've decided to create a dedicated trading platform. All you need is a Metamask wallet!
We have also released Quantum Wallet! It can be accessed here: https://wallet.quantum-foundation.org/
Have you got any questions? We have answers! Check out the presale FAQ or join us on Telegram!
🚀 Presale: quantum-foundation.org/presale 🚀
Join us on Telegram: t.me/quantum_foundation
Read the official 📜 Whitepaper: quantumfoundation.gitbook.io 💫
ICOholder listing: https://icoholder.com/en/quantum-foundation-1003496
Visit our Website: quantum-foundation.org
Not only is this project the only one of its kind, but you are one of the very first to benefit from our new QUANTUM system.
QUANTUM is a BEP20 token built on the Binance Smart Chain network. Just like any other Binance altcoin it is completely decentralized.
All decisions regarding the development of our Token and the DAG network will be made by our community through surveys.
This gives our developers a better idea as to ​​what our investors expect. Some of the features of our DAG blockchain will include:
🌀 Trading regular stock assets, such as obligations, shares, gold through our DAG network, each NFT will represent one commodity.
💫 Various Dapps which before were only possible to use on centralized exchanges.
🌀 Simple, neat, and highly customizable environment for developing your own Dapps ,such as trading bots, watchlists and many more.
With QUANTUM you get a chance to become truly financially independent.
So let's build a better financial world together, today! Join us and don't miss the end of the presale!
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2021.09.19 13:57 blackseedgod went from the afro to the fade....leaves snapping like peas...TONIGHT comes the final chop and hang...this was my second auto i think i did well..i learned alot from this grow cant wait till new grow 4 and 5 they should be cannons...thanks to all that helped along the way with your comments...

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2021.09.19 13:57 hellosendhelp The M249 desperately needs some work (not a troll)

Dear Fellow Gamers,
I genuinely want the spray of the m249 to be buffed a bit, it just feels awful to use.
When you take into account that the gun is the most expensive in the game, it truly is depressing to behold.
Imagine seeing it on the pro scene!
I feel like there is great potential here.
Kind Regards
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2021.09.19 13:57 LilSeebsMonster Favorite “Bad” Adaptations

Inspired by our discussion of the Ustinov Evil Under the Sun adaptation, what are your favorite “bad” aka unfaithful adaptations. For me, other than the above, I also have a soft spot for the TV Marple’s At Bertram’s Hotel. Curious to hear your thoughts!
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2021.09.19 13:57 Laughyyyyyy I won a Warzone battle against JLANER and ZLANER in Verdansk

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2021.09.19 13:57 AdWild6726 💎 BIG BTC (BBTC) is the king of meme coin deployed on binance smart chain offering the Biggest reflection reward in 8% BTC after every hour.

🎛 How BIG BTC Works
🔖 Earn BTC while you sleep, eat or walk or play
8% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed to all holders. Hold BIGBTC tokens and earn BTC. You can even buy 10$ worth of BIGBTC to Receive a Reward You don’t need to claim your earned BTC. It’s automatically sent to your wallet. If the Volume is lower, this may take longer, but you always receive your BTC.
🔖 Trusted And Scam Proof
Scam-minded developers often pull out the liquidity which crashes value and prevents others from trading So, therefore Liquidity will be locked for three years. Hence is no need to be worried about your investment.
🔖 Grow Survive and Develop
We will lock 95% % of the total funds raised in Presale for three years. ! The remaining will be used for marketing and other expenses of team and development, then BIGBTC will grow, survive and develop because it is one of the unique BTC meme tokens.
🔐 95% Liquidty Will be locked for 3 Years:
🔹 Total Supply: 1 Billion
🔸Transaction Tax: 10%
🔹Reward: 8%
🔸Liquidty pool: 1%
🔹Marketing: 1%
💠 Contract: 0x03d2beed399cfd682213c03b8f3fe81771dd3b12
💠 Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x03d2beed399cfd682213c03b8f3fe81771dd3b12
💠 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x03d2beed399cfd682213c03b8f3fe81771dd3b12#readContract
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2021.09.19 13:57 Mosaic271 I have a Question

I have 520 watt candy’s and 7 shinys, the event is around 2 hours in and I dunno if I should wait two hours and go grab more pokeballs to catch for another 2 hours or should I go like now
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2021.09.19 13:57 Xsad_but_cuteX Is this a stupid idea?

I have 2 dogs...3yr old Pom and a 4mo old Aussie. The Aussie is reactive towards other dogs, as he wasn't socialized until 11wks when i got him.
My friend has a dog that my Pom is "friends" with. My Pom is normally submissive and rolls over and shows his tummy etc
Is it stupid to think if my Aussie sees my Pom displaying this submissions and good manners with this other dog, he will follow suit?
Obviously not going to just let them go do whatever, Ill have my aussie leashed and further away etc
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2021.09.19 13:57 that-provider My good morning wood

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2021.09.19 13:57 mavisbavis Has anyone done an intensive driving course, like the 3/4/5 day ones? And how did you find it?

Like this one https://www.leinsterdrivingcampus.ie/driving-lesson/caintensive/
I'm just getting back into driving the last month, I'm going around empty industrial estates in my mam's car. A bit of a nervous driver and not so comfortable out on the road atm.
I'm having a mare booking lessons, anywhere is booked up a month or more. The intensive course seems like a good idea, rather than doing one lesson a week or whenever I can get them.
I have done the 12 EDT lessons, and am on the waiting list for a test. Just need to build up confidence on the road.
Has anyone done one, and how did you get on, did you feel it got you up to test standard?
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2021.09.19 13:57 Invisiblespit Post MOASS Splurge

For those of you that are going to use some of your well deserved tendies to treat yourself, what are some ways you're going to do so? I'd like to give my current car to my little brother and buy a Tesla. Upgtade my living situation by going the Smart House route. Smart Locks, Lights, Cameras etc. Maybe upgrade my gaming area.
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2021.09.19 13:57 Zealousideal-Log-525 Holiday in october

So we are coming in the middle of October for a week, what town is the best (most sunny hours) in a rainy month? I was checking Magaluf, but I am not sure that it’s the best decision.
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