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2021.09.19 12:19 Miss_Fleur_Rose Probably am.

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2021.09.19 12:19 Tessia0710 Where to read Demon’s Diary - Chapter 612: Nine-Color Spirit Deer online for free!!

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2021.09.19 12:19 CascadianLiberty The Beaver

Adapted from the Encyclopaedia Brittanica article.
The Beaver, (knoosel Castor), is either of two stocks of twilived gnawdeer fund in Northamerick, Ewrope, and Asey. Beavers are the greatest of the gnawdeer in Northamerick and Ewrasey and the next greatest worldwide. Hir bodies span up to 31 inches long and weigh abute 35-66 punds (with the heaviest weighed at more than 85 punds). Hy live in streams, eas, marshes, ponds, and shorelines of great lakes and bild dams of bughs, stones, and mud, making ponds that often span many akers. Lifelorers often name beavers as “kindly craftsmen” for hir might to wend the land in which hy live.
Beavers have short shanks and a heavy body with a small, broad, and dull head. Ettinish chiselshaped foreteeth have a yellowred uter glase forthat iron has nimmen the stead of limeshaft, and this makes hem stronger than most gnawdeer foreteeth. When diving, folds of hide (trapdoors) close the nostrils and the short sinwelt ears, and the eyes are sheelded by a film that keeps water ute (winking film). The hairlined lips close behind the foreteeth, stopping water from the muthe and lungs and letting the deer snithe, hild, and bear bughs underwater. Small forefeet with five clawed toes craftily handel food. The hindfeet are rather great, and the five toes are bund by webbing, which makes hem work as rudders for swimming underwater. Claws of the other hindtoes are cloven and have toothed edges noted for dighting the hair. Hair is made up of a grayish to brune layer of short, small, and thick underhair that keeps water from reaching the hide. Over this layer are long, great, sleek, overhairs spanning in hew from yellowish brune thrugh reddish brune to black; underdeals of the deer are wanner. The hallmark tail is shaly, even, and ruddershaped and spans up to 18 inches long and 5 inches wide. Both hoads have beaverkernels that weep a smelly wose (beaver eal), which is left on mud or stones to mark meres between walks. Arsekernels weep eal thrugh hideholes to hairstems. From there it is spread with the forefeet and dighting claws over the whole body to keep the hair sleek, ealy, and watershedding.
Beavers live in clusters and are mostly wights of the night. Hir often whilved iland hulks are bilt of bughs smeared in mud. In marshes, meres, and small eas, beavers may instead bild bank hulks, and in great eas and meres hy delve bank dens with an underwater infare beneath treemores or overhanging ledges. Each hulk is bued by a maith cluster of up to eight deer: a fullgrown twosum, yong of the year , and yearlings from yesteryears team. Hulks are mosttimes 10 feet high and 20 feet wide at the bottom but can be as great as 16 feet high and 39 feet wide. One or more infares open beneath the waterline into a roomy middel abuvewater; the floor is thached with worts. An infare leads to the nestroom abuve the waterline. In winter the wet walls freese, keeping heat in and making the hulk a fasten ayenst hunters.
Beavers often bild a dam a short ways dunestream from the hulk to ward off hunters. The dam withsets the streams flow and deepens the water that belaps the hulk. Dams also beyet more wetland dwellings for fish and waterfule and hold back or slow the dunestream flow of eal spilt into eas. The notes to the land these dams yeave notwithstanding, landowners and bures often hold beavers as bothersum deer forthat hy sumtimes fell lite trees, eat crops, or flood roads and feelds with water held behind hir dams.
Bin winter beavers stow sum fat at the tailstem, but hy keep warm mostly by nestelling in the heattrapping hulk and doing less. Hy leave the hulk only to feed on bughs stowed beneath the ise. Slow swimmers, beavers can keep underwater for up to 15 minnits and shrithe hemselves mostly with the webbed hindfeet while the forefeet are held nigh ayenst the body. On land hy walk or run with a waddel. Hy eat mostly the soft underrind of trees, as well as the eyes, leaves, and twigs of sundry trees (mostly willows and aspens). Pondgreens and bankside worts are also eaten. Leafy worts are eaten mostly bin summer and wood bin winter. Shrubs, saplings, and trees are felled by beavers, gnawed into bearenly lengths, and drawn along mudslides or floated thrugh beavermade diches to the hulk. Eatenly bughs are stowed underwater and stuck in mud near the hulk infare, where hy are to be eaten all winter when the beavers cannot break thrugh the ise to gnaw fresh bughs.
Beavers have one make, making between Afteryool and Lide in the north and Blootmonth and Ereyool in the suthe. One team a year of one to nine (most often fore) yong are born in the spring after a bearing of 105 days. Beavers talk by standings, speech, smellmarking, and tailstriking. When startelled on land, hy flee to water and warn others by striking the waters bred with hir tails, beyetting a lude, startelling din. Erns, great hawks, and most great suckeldeer hunters feed on beavers.
Americkish beavers (C. canadensis) live thrughute wooded deals of Northamerick to northern Mexicko, yinning the suthewestern Oned Riches and byland Florida. Beavers were at the heart of the hide chaffer bin settelling times and yave greatly to the westward settelling and growth of the Oned Riches and Canada. As the deer was trapt ute in the east, trappers fared stepwise westward, and settellers followed. Nearly driven ute by 1900 thrugh overgreat trapping for hir luvely hair, hy have nimmen back, either by hemselves or thrugh man, much of hir former reach, and meted trapping goes on, hure in Canada. Americkish beavers have been brought into Finland, where hy are theeing.
Ewraysish beavers (C. fiber) were onse fund thrughute mild and cold wolds of the land (yinning Britten) but for the lands abute the Middel Sea and Yapan. By the early 20th yearhundred this reach had shrunken, and at the beginning of the 21st yearhundred wild stocks beleft only in the Elve and Rone drainings, suthern Norway, Frankland, Mongoly, China, and deals of Russland, hure northwestern Sibery and the lands of the Altay. Work to spread ayen the Ewraysish stock began in Sweeland in the early 1920s. Sinse that time, Ewraysish beavers have been brought ayen thrughute Ewrope, western Sibery, western China, Mongoly, Camchatca, and near the Amur in the Russish Far East.
Beavers make up the maith Castoridae (underrow Sciuromorpha, row Rodentia). With no nigh living kin (the barrow beaver belongs to a sundry maith), latterday beavers are the lave of a rich lifetree of 24 dead knoosels going back to the Late Eosene Eld of Asey and the Early Oligosene of Ewrope and Northamerick. Hy were mostly burrowers in the earth, such as Palaeocastor, which is known by ansenstones from Late Oligosene-Early Miosene settellings of western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming. Hy likely lived in upland grasslands in great clusters, delved lengthy burrow networks, and grased under the sun, hir whole way of life being much alike to that of latterday wongdogs. The greatest gnawdeer that ever lived in Northamerick was the twilived ettin beaver (Castoroides) of the Pleistosene Eld. Ansenstones show that it had a body length of 6 feet and was abute the great of a black bear.
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2021.09.19 12:19 Elegant-Echidna9848 DogeBread 🍞| 7% Doge Holding Rewards | Launching Now | Long-Term Plan In Action

Hold DOGEBREAD to passively earn DOGE after every transaction
Join a community inspired by its fully doxed, entrepreneurial Aussie developer who works hard on mooning coins (including his recent success XFLOKI)
Holder? In a few weeks, long-term holders will have the option of being airdropped our Dev's upcoming ADA coin (currently in the making). Given the hype around the new ADA network launch, that project is a sure bet!
The Dev of DogeBread is fully doxxed and, for many days, has been on TG video chat 24/7. He even streamed his sleep! He even showed his us driver's license! That’s dedication, am I right or am I right? The Dev has really high hopes for this and is working hard to make this stand out among all the other reflection tokens.
. 1% Marketing wallet
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. 7% Doge rewards. You earn the greatest amount of Doge rewards when there are lots of sells.
CONTRACT: 0x3afdc4e820bc87da6bd52365233e84d2fd26acd3
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.09.19 12:19 kadzmoney Lambo ETH 💰 7% Ethereum Rewards 👇 Check CHART ✔

Supply - 1,000,000,000,000
🔥 Burn 50%
💥 5% marketing wallet
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💥Max wallet 2%
💥 15 seconds cooldown
💥Unique reward contract 👌 Anti bot features
Strongest anti bot measures, we have a custom contract with amazing features to reward our holders.
We have ran previously successfully projects, so very safu
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2021.09.19 12:19 Tessia0710 Where to read Samsara Online - Chapter 123 Poisonous tongue online for free!!

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2021.09.19 12:19 Floor-Proof Il Medico Imbruttito

ma io ogni tanto ci penso a quel povero medico curante della Brigliadori...
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2021.09.19 12:19 AutoModerator DogenMustard ~ GameFi | NFT's | Play-To-Earn Crypto Gaming Token

DogenMustard is a play-to-earn RPG character building game. To be eligible to play, users are required to hold a set amount of tokens, and those tokens are to be staked on the network. The staked tokens provide the players a unique NFT containing their player profile. These profiles are transferrable, and the original staked tokens are redeemable, either by the original owner, or a new owner should the original owner wishes to sell his profile.

Players can "smash" their friends with playful weapons, or with character power ups, such as DogenMustards elongated nose, elastic arms, or other key features that are both pruchasable on the dashboard, or earned through game play. Special events are held, where the project team will release puzzles, tasks, riddles, or other types of activities through our social media accounts. The puzzles or tasks are lodged to a governance function, to which the players can vote their selection. Winners of these tasks are eligible for rewards.

The intent is to integrate social media with gaming to derive a social gaming app where players benefit not only from utilizing the DeFi functionality, but from the fun and entertainment of gaming, with the live, interactive nature of social media.

DogenMustard is a cryptographic alien, who takes form on Earth by means of quantum entanglement and is able to manifest himself on earth, on the Blockchain in the form of NFT's. Each time he returns to earth, a new riddle is created, along with a new activity for the community to participate. Players are prompted to interact and/or complete in-game tasks. The type of interaction varies, and can involve the players friends or connections on Twitter, Facebook or TikTok. These interactions earn rewards, with multiplayer interactions, can earn compounded rewards. The could essentially build communities or crews, which compete with each other to complete tasks for larger rewards.
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I just came here to look at memes and shitposts. Why y'all horny posting so much?
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2021.09.19 12:19 Careless_In_Love520 Don’t know if boyfriend can be trusted again after cheating, am I a dumbass?????

To make a really long story as short as possible, my boyfriend of (at the time) about 7 months cheated on me with someone he just randomly started chatting with on a gaming app at the beginning of this year. Now I say cheated, but according to him it wasn’t really cheating. I strongly disagree. I found messages on his phone between him and her, a lot of them (daily), and a lot of it was sexting. This had gone on for about a month before I found out. Let me also throw in there that I was about 5 months pregnant with his kid while this was happening. When I found the messages, I confronted him about it and he admitted and told me everything. Basically said that he was in a dark place and had been wanting to get out of it but didn’t want to hurt anyone. Said he wasn’t happy with himself and felt like he wasn’t enough, but that he never wanted to leave me because I’m the best thing that’s happened to him and he’s never been in love with anyone like he is with me. We had some rough patches before this happened with my ex husband always emailing and texting that he wants me back and I would usually just ignore them because I thought that was the best thing to do. My bf wanted me to tell him off, but he didn’t understand it’s not that easy when you have a kid together. My first priority is my son and I don’t want anything to get in the way of that. So apparently this was an issue with him, and one of the reasons he says he was fucked up in the head about whether or not I wanted to be with him. 🙄 I’ve been really struggling for the past 9 months about this. He’s so wonderful and I thought I’d finally found the person I wanted to be with for the rest of my life. We argue at least twice a week because I get in my head about this shot and feel like he’s fucking around behind my back, even though he probably isn’t, and if he was I’d probably never know now because he’s hide it better. I just don’t know how to let this go and move on with him. Is that even possible for most people, to forgive and forget? I might’ve forgiven (maybe) but I sure as shit haven’t forgotten. What should I do?? 😫
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2021.09.19 12:19 Whitehaus22 Driver invite codes

Does anyone have any driver invite codes? If so. Please share!
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2021.09.19 12:19 Outrageous-Bank-9225 🚀 1 minute old - FoxyShiba (FSHIBA) - Fantom (FTM) Rewards - LP locked - Very early - Low MC 🚀

💰 FoxyShiba (FSHIBA) 💰 💰 OFFICIAL Contract: 0x0f2fb1d28a7e9468e043ccbbc15ca2d86686c1c1
Foxy is headed on a journey – a journey towards a land far away; towards a land of untold riches. And on his journey, he will sprinkle Fantom (FTM) rewards on his loyal followers (holders). Grab some FSHIBA tokens & join him on this epic journey towards the moon & beyond – and earn some FTM on the way too!
This was launched just a day ago. Right now, the market cap is only around 1k - so its extremely early.
📋 Contract: 0x9801a50c1ef0266cb99b9a13b36b62e3d6444328
💲 Total Supply – 1,000,000,000
📌 PancakeSwap liquidity: 100%
📌 Marketing: 5%
📌 Project Fund (Airdrops, Contests, Exchange Reserve): 1%
⚙️ Slippage - 6%
✔️ FTM rewards to Holders
✅ Contract verified
✅ Liquidity locked (1 year)
💰Contract: 0x0f2fb1d28a7e9468e043ccbbc15ca2d86686c1c1
💰Pancakeswap :
💰 Renounced Ownership:
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