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How do you think Boruto series would look like if Sasuke died during the final valley?
Imo naruto, sakura and the rest of konoha 11 would be hyping him up but the new generation would be confused because they don't know who Sasuke was.
And then someone like Amado brings Sasuke back as a robot just like Jiraiya and Kashin Koji
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We wanted to play again since hearth and home got out. But our server is gone. Is it possible that your server gets deleted when you have not played for a while?
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2021.09.19 12:23 Claygolem79 My revamped Inaros - Inaros The Scarablord

I had a small period of time where I really liked Inaros, mostly when I had just started on the game. Whenever I ran with higher level players, on harder difficulties, Inaros helped me stay alive. However.. I quickly noticed just how weak his abilities are, and somewhat bland. There are other tanky Warframes that are significantly more interesting to play, Lavos probably being my favorite. So I sat down and tried to come up with an interesting revamp for Inaros. I set a few parameters for myself.
- Inaros should still have his usual high health, and abilities focused on his healthpool. - The abilities should be able to use existing animations as much as possible, even if the effects are greatly altered. - He should be fun to play, and possibly have more than one way to be played.
Now I am an old D&D player and I used to write prestige classes for fun, even managed to get a few published (but in third party books that never really sold amazingly), so trying to write up a Warframe is somewhat familiar territory. I tried to focus on the current feel and flair of Inaros, and to try and come up with a way to tie the abilities together so they don't feel like a bunch of random standalone abilities, but more like a complete set.
Inaros the Scarablord

Passive – Scarabaeus Domain
Inaros is surrounded by an area that is infested with his scarab beetles. As base, the area has a radius of 5 meters around the Inaros. Inaros has a scarab counter that can be increased in various ways. Each point on the scarab counter increases the area by 0.5 meters, and the counter has a maximum of 20, making the maximum area of Scarabaeus Domain 15 meters. Mods that increase ability range also increase the range of Scarabaeus Domain, so if an Inaros with a full scarab counter of 20 has a +300% bonus to his ability range, the range of Scarabaeus Domain would be 60 meters.
The Scarabaeus Domain has a number of effects. First of all, any enemy that touches the ground inside Scarabaeus Domain suffers an additional 50% damage from Impact. Any enemy killed by Inaros with Impact damage inside the domain will add one points to the scarab stack of Inaros. Any enemy killed by Inaros with a finisher inside the domain will add three points to the scarab stack.
Each scarab point will give Inaros a +5% bonus to his armor, but a -5% penalty to his movement speed, meaning that if the scarab counter reaches 20, Inaros will become completely immobile. As Inaros gathers scarab points, sand will sprout from the ground to consume him, starting at his feet and slowly moving upwards as he gathers scarab points, visually similar to the old Devour ability.
Every two seconds, Inaros looses one scarab point.

Ability – Succession
Cost: 25 energy
Range: 15 meters (at max rank)
Cooldown: 10 seconds (at max rank)
The reign of Inaros is eternal, and he is succeeded only by himself. Succession is a single target ability that affects one enemy within 15 meters. Succession causes the target to get rapidly devoured by sand, a process that takes one second. When consumed, the target becomes Inaros. The old husk of Inaros vanishes, and the target becomes the new Inaros. When emerging, Inaros is invulnerable for one second, all status effects are removed from him, and he is healed for 20% of his max health.
Succession has multiple uses. It can be used to quickly remove especially tough enemies, it can help keep Inaros alive and it can be used to transport Inaros a short distance, something of vital importance if Inaros has a high scarab counter that is decreasing his movement speed.
Succession gives Inaros three scarab points when used. If used on a target with a Stagger effect on them, Succession instead gives Inaros six scarab points.

Ability – Sandstorm
Cost: 50 energy
Range: 10 meter radius centered on Inaros (at max rank)
Cooldown: 30 seconds
Duration: 15 seconds
Sandstorm creates a number of small sand tornadoes around Inaros, forcing flying enemies to the ground and decreasing the accuracy of enemies. The animation used is similar to the existing Sandstorm ability, except the tornadoes are smaller and there are several of them inside the area. Any flying enemy inside the area will plummet to the ground and become vulnerable to any of Inaros' abilities that affect enemies touching the ground, such as Scarabaeus Domain and Rage of the Scarabs. Additionally, any enemy inside the Sandstorm suffers a 10% penalty to their accuracy (affected by ability strength).

Ability – Phylactery
Cost: 75 energy
Range: 0 meters
Cooldown: 30 seconds (at max rank)
Duration: Permanent
Max Count: 3 (at max rank)
Phylactery creates a sarcophagus at Inaros' location. Some of Inaros life essence is stored within the Phylactery, allowing him to transcend death. The sarcophagus is permanent when cast, but only a maximum of 3 can exist at any given time. If 3 already exist and Inaros casts Phylactery, the first one he created will be removed, similar to how the Wisp motes work.
If Inaros is ever killed, he will not die but instead be reborn at the Phylactery closest to him. The sacrophagus will open and Inaros will emerge, destroying the sacrophagus in the process. When Inaros emerges from the sacrophagus, all of his built up scarab points will be consumed, and he will receive a 5% bonus to attack damage and attack speed for 15 seconds for every point consumed. This means that if he has 20 scarab points, he will receive a 100% bonus to attack damage and attack speed. The bonus to attack damage and attack speed is affected by ability strength, and the duration is affected by ability duration.

Ability – Rage of the Scarabs
Cost: 100 energy
Range: Affects all of Scarabaeus Domain
Cooldown: 60 seconds
Duration: Consumes one scarab point per second, ability ends when scarab counter reaches 0
Rage of the Scarabs sends the scarab servants of Inaros into a frenzy. The ability affects all of the Scarabaeus Domain around the Inaros. Every second, any enemy touching the ground inside the Scarabaeus Domain has a 5% chance of being consumed by the scarabs. If any enemy inside the area is affected by the stagger from an Impact status effect, they will also be instantly consumed. Each time an enemy is consumed, Inaros is healed for 5% of his maximum health. Each second, Rage of the Scarabs consumes one scarab point, and if the counter ever reaches zero, the ability ends. The various ways in which Inaros can accumulate scarab points will still work while Rage of the Scarabs is in effect, meaning that it is possible for Inaros to keep the ability up for a long time if he actively works on gathering more scarab points.
The normal scarab decay that Inaros suffers isn't halted while Rage of the Scarabs is in effect, meaning that Inaros will loose 1.5 scarab points every second.

New Augment Mods for Inaros

Bloodied Sand
Augment for Sandstorm
Inaros' Sandstorm ability is empowered further by his own blood. Every second that Sandstorm is in effect, Inaros looses 5% of his maximum health. Sandstorm now causes a significant amount of Slash damage every second to every enemy inside the ability, scaling with both enemy level and ability strength. The Slash damage has a 10% status chance.

Augment for Phylactery
Any allied player within 5 meters of one of Inaros' Phylacteries will be protected by the grace of Inaros. The range is affected by ability range. Whenever an allied Tenno suffers damage inside this area, half of that damage is transferred to Inaros. The base damage will be halved, and half of it transferred to Inaros. The damage transferred to Inaros can be reduced by any armor or other damage mitigating abilities that Inaros has. If an allied Tenno has a status effect applied to them while inside the area, there is a 50% chance that it is instead applied to Inaros.

Bounty of Sand
Augment for Rage of the Scarabs
Whenever an enemy is killed by Rage of the Scarabs, there is a 10% chance that they'll drop an energy orb and a 10% chance that they'll drop a health orb. Whenever an energy orb or a health orb is created by Bounty of Sand, Inaros gains one scarab point.

Power of Desiccation
General Augment for Inaros
+60% Ability Efficiency. Whenever an ability is used by Inaros, he suffers true damage equal to 20 times the standard energy cost of the ability (500 damage from Succession, 1000 damage from Sandstorm, 1500 damage from Phylactery, 2000 damage from Rage of the Scarabs).

Scarab Companion
Beast Companion mod
At max rank, gives your beast companion +100% health and replaces half of its damage with Impact damage. Scarab Companion can be equipped on any Beast companion, but if equipped on a Beast companion while the player is playing as Inaros, the mod has additional effects. The Beast changes appearance, becoming a large golden scarab. The companion receives a +5% bonus to armor and a +5% bonus to status chance for each scarab point that Inaros has.
Note on my thoughts about this Inaros revamp
I naturally wanted Inaros to be a lot more potent, without removing any of his current style or flair. Basically I tried to tie the abilities together so they work in unison. Now, you would be able to play Inaros in a number of ways. One way would be to focus on being a support character. Especially effective on defensive missions, or when camping.
You basically set up Phylacteries augmented with Sungod to drastically increase the survivability of your teammates, and focus on keeping up Scarabaeus Domain to its maximum range. When possible, you run Rage of the Scarabs when you have the scarab points to do so. If combined with an impact weapon with a good status chance and good use of Succession, you can help out taking down the bigger, stronger enemies quickly.
Another playstyle is a lot more aggressive and dangerous, but also entertaining. You can essentially use Bloodied Sand and Power of Desiccation to cause damage to yourself while also dishing out good damage to the enemies. Your objective is die frequently to receive the damage boost from Phylactery. You essentially switch from mainly dealing damage with Sandstorm and Bloodied Sand, building up scarab points and depleting your health, so you can die and enter a second phase where you mainly deal damage with your weapons, boosted by Phylactery.
Anyways, that's just my humble suggestion, mostly written for fun. I'm not deluded enough to think that the suggestion will be used, but I love thinking up alternate abilities and setups for Warframes, and I hope you guys enjoyed the ideas as well.
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This is the 173813rd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.09.19 12:23 throwaway1o1o_ Why is it that I think of self harming whenever something bad happens to me?

Pretty much the title. By bad I mean unfortunate luck, being mistreated, feeling unworthy, stuff like that. I also haven't self harmed or thought about it in forever but not this month, sadly.
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