Killed 2 scavs, got -0.03 scav karma

2021.09.19 14:16 v-_-v Killed 2 scavs, got -0.03 scav karma

I'm very sorry but I'm new and I'm not sure I understand how the system works fully.
I load into customs, go across the bridge, two people are fighting. One is clearly a scav, the other I thus assume is a player. I shoot the "player" in the head and he drops. The scav goes immediately to loot the dead "player", which I now can see is actually a scav.
I think: oh, the guy looting is a scav player, and he was killing savs... ?he must have low scav karma? So I shoot that guy dead too.
From what I can gather, killing a scav when being a scav is -0.01 scav karma. Why did I get -0.03? At worse it should be -0.02 no? If the 2nd guy I killed was indeed a bad scav, shouldn't I have gotten +0.1 from his kill?
What am I missing here? Also, can two AI scavs start fighting / shooting each other?
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2021.09.19 14:16 ProperPurity Which WR do i flex?

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2021.09.19 14:16 Aggressive-Rice-3825 My old scout loadout. Is it good?

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2021.09.19 14:16 bendoesit17 Just kicked a wasp, feeling good.

At least bees are actually beneficial for the environment. Wasps don't do shit.
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2021.09.19 14:16 DonaldWillKillUsAll Climate top of the agenda as knife-edge race to lead Germany enters final stage

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2021.09.19 14:16 trailer8k aqua teen hunger force

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2021.09.19 14:16 Massive_Estimate8067 Dream

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2021.09.19 14:16 l_ur_ker He is watching you

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2021.09.19 14:16 5AMinConnecticut Confirmed: Fifa 22 Season 1 Level 30 rewards

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2021.09.19 14:16 ArrPeeEx Sideplus discord - - - - - > sideplus content
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2021.09.19 14:16 Shubhamdas0508 BLACKRIDGE OUTSKIRTS Rival Plate Achieved..

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2021.09.19 14:16 Longwinter1968 Aeternum World Map for those starting their adventure with New World.

Aeternum World Map for those starting their adventure with New World. I put together a larger map of Aeternum for those who are starting their adventure with New World.
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2021.09.19 14:16 mugwhite L'Istat non delude mai

A mio padre arriva la lettera del censimento Istat 2021 da fare obbligatoriamente online, noto in ordine:

Scusate il rant ma qua mancano proprio le basi, per un censimento nazionale che coinvolge 2 milioni e mezzo di famiglie..
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2021.09.19 14:16 JustALostGirl-8894 I love him but I love my ex more

Me(26F) current partner (33M) is the greatest partner I could ever ask for on paper but there are just some things lacking. We’ve been together for 3 years. I love him but firstly the wed is beyond mediocre I’ve tried to teach him how to please me and I’ve asked for him to do some research but it’s fine from bad to worse and going long periods of time without sex and his excuse is he doesn’t have the same sex drive as mine. I can’t help but compare him with my ex who I dated for 4 years and broke up cause he cheated on me. I feel I could look past the cheating now cause I just can’t help but think about him all the time. I’m convinced my ex is my soul mate and my current partner cannot match up my ex in terms of things such as looks, lifestyle and well in the bedroom. I feel horrible for feeling this way cause my current partner is loving and he is now talking about marriage but I don’t think he is the man I would want to marry.
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2021.09.19 14:16 TexacII Enemy On The Rise - Liveries Showcase

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2021.09.19 14:16 Martini_Dratini Ace-thetic if you will

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2021.09.19 14:16 fruktas21 Baby Floki | Day 5 | 7 Million Market Cap | Daily AMAs | Most Hyped VC On The BSC | Billboard Next To Space X HQ Live Until Elon Tweets!

After recently joining the Musk family, Baby Floki is now a part of the BSC community as well with an epic fair launch that took place 5 days ago!
Backed by an experienced dev team and equipped with unique tokenomics, Baby Floki aims to take the crypto world by storm. Join the telegram group now and be part of the community!
✅ A detailed long-term marketing plan has already been prepared and is being strategically implemented for maximum effect. Plans include Poocoin and Coinsniper ads, Coinhunt promo, crypto influencer tweets, ads on crypto and other financial websites and much more!
📰 Huge billboard ad went live 2 days ago right next to Space X HQ in California! 2 other billboards planned for the coming weeks.
🦎 Just got listed on CG, CMC to follow
📝 Contract was recently audited. Baby Floki is now certified by Nexus Solidity!
🖼 NFT marketplace coming up in phase 4 of the roadmap!
🚫 Unique anti-snipe and anti-whale features in place
⚙️Tokenomics: 2% $DOGE Rewards for all holders, 5% Liquidity and 6% Marketing for buys. While for sells, there is an extra 2% going to rewards, raising it to 4%
🔒 Liquidity is locked for 1 year. Moreover, additionally generated liquidity from transactions is sent to an inaccessible burn address.

Contract: 0x71e80e96af604afc23ca2aed4c1c7466db6dd0c4
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2021.09.19 14:16 twdg-shitposts “If the quiet kid moves, shoot him!”

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2021.09.19 14:16 ALeadKeyhole You can live one life as an animal other then human which one would you choose?

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2021.09.19 14:16 ilovefishstick69 How can I join a server again?

Fortnite got closed and I needed to restart the game and I wanna join the server how can I?
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2021.09.19 14:16 Rainmaker_dl_5238 Punk, MynBender, aerosol paint on paper, 2020

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2021.09.19 14:16 _Parkour_Panda i was supposed to be a gamer. but my dumb parents ruined my dreams.

from my childhood, all my friends played computer games such as minecraft, fortnite, etc. But i didnt play all those games, because my parents wouldnt allow me to download games on MY computer. My friends told me stories, everyday about their gaming experiences, and i thought it was really cool, and that i was supposed to be one of them, even though i didnt understand much because i didnt play the games. Since my friends only talked about gaming, and since i didnt understand much, i slowly stated to feel lonely, and felt that i wasnt part of their gang anymore. keep in mind that i was only like 10 yrs old at that time. I also didnt fight much with my parents, about me getting games on the computer, beacuse i didnt really understand what i was fighting for really, beacause i havent played any of the games. its been 5-6 years from the day i realized i was out of their gang, and hadnt had any friends, or interests since, I just waited all day, so that i can get to bed and sleep. Now im 16yrs old, and i vented out this to my parents. they did feel sorry for what happened as they realized i didnt have friends for most of my childhood, beacause of not letting me play games. Now they allowed me to play, and buy games such as minecraft, etc. Now the problem is that i think that im too old to start playing games. Ive been practising mincecraft for more than an hour, all by myself(because i dont have friends), and unable to both enjoy and im inable to perform the basic functions, such as moving around. My tried to make my parents play pacman, and even after they played for more than 30 mins, they found it hard to even move around, although it is very easy. They said it was because of their old age, and that they wouldve been able to play it if they were younger, so im convinced that im unable to play minecraft because i started too late. It feels like i missed a potentially huge part of my life, beacuse of my ill-informed parents. this is just one of the many horrible things i had to experience in my childhood, because of my dumb parents.
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2021.09.19 14:16 moneyshouters 100% UP TO $5,000

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2021.09.19 14:16 wappah01 So is Mario Judah just a big joke?

it seems to me that nobody takes him seriously anymore
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2021.09.19 14:16 mvdudin H: QE/25 Handmade. W: Q25/25 Handmade.

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